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Thursday, October 23, 2008


WOW! How pretty! I won a giveaway on Maija Lepores blog and it is so pretty!! The shadow box she made is beautiful, with lots of details. Click on the photos for a better look. The other goodies look like theyr'e from France all with Marie Antoinette and from the Louve...a wonderful
ruler, cinnamon candy (smells wonderful), book mark and post card. She also packed the gift with pretty scalloped pink tissue paper and pattern paper! It inspires me to do a whole Christmas theme with these colors and Marie. How cool would that be! Thanks again Maija! I will cherish it always.

hugs and shimmies!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gilding the Lily~class kits for charm class

I had a wonderful time teaching at Gilding the Lily this past Saturday. It was my Soldered Glass Charm treasure necklace class and all of the students were really cool. You could tell they were all a creative, open minded and experienced group. I made these kits for them all and I hope they liked them. A big thank you to all who took my class and to Nancy (the owner) who had brie cheese, fruit and bread for us to snack on. Good thing since I hate stopping while in the middle of a class. Of course I brought my camera and didn't take pictures, again! I know a couple of the students took pics so maybe I can see those. The class is so popular (which really has never happened to me!) that Nancy has 3 classes already booked for Jan.17,31 and Feb.21 next year! Call 714- 680-8893 or 714-349-2069 for availability.


SHRINE~A Heart felt donation

At ArtUnraveled this past summer I had the honor of meeting a most intriguing kindred spirit. We had actually exchanged email prior to the event and anticipated our eventual meeting. Her name is Rebecca Brooks and she is quite a character in the best sense of the word! I believe from the rumors I heard that she was quite a hit and no doubt has a student fan club! She has been teaching stained glass for 25 years and taught a soldering de-mystified class and a mosaic class at the event. Not your ordinary stuff. Really awesome art!

After coming home from the retreat I noticed an email from Rebecca with a request for those of us on the ArtUnraveled yahoo group to open their hearts and talents and donate a shrine for auction. All the proceeds will go to the Soroptimist programs and the Street children of Oaxoca Mexico. I am happy to be a part of this wonderful event and invite you to show your support by clicking here: corazon. There you will find the specifics on the virtual auction which should be soon. There are several artists participating all showcasing their individual talents.

My shrine was just shipped off today and should arrive in Az. sometime this week. Its a a shrine dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, bringer of good fortune,beauty,abundance,harmony and wealth. It's SUPER shiney, with an Indian themed mosaic archway boasting several colors of glitter that I meticulously painted and glued. I proceeded to embellish it with sequins, rhinestones, pipe cleaners, rick rack and all kinds of miniature items including faux money. If you like it, bid! Click the photos above for a better look. Check Rebeccas site often as I am sure there will be loads more to see as the event nears!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Kit-Witches Ball

Another addition to my Etsy store. It's part of my Kool Kit for hip artists series. Something old something new and everything in between. Coffee stained tags, die cut notes in 3 halloween colors, old page from an Agatha Christie book "Funerals are fatal", old brown bag with hand sewn halloween image, vintage cake pick w/witch, matchbook w/halloween kitty, hat pin w/pearls and ribbon, vintage black velvet ribbon, vintage millinery black netting, zerox portrait of witching old wise women. Oh the scary things you could conjure up with this kit!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ETSY-New Items in my store

I haven't had anything in my store since last year! Time flies. Click here to take a peek: shades of akasha
There are some spooky Halloween cards (The old bag series), some tassel kits, mixed media kits and my bird collages (old bag series) . All of them are great additions for altered art, books, journals or on their own. I will be adding more things later like some jewelry. Everything is priced so you can have an un-guilty splurge. Considering how the economy is we all need that when money is tight. I remember when I moved out on my own money was almost non-existent and yet what little money I did have I always managed to "give" myself little decadent treats once or twice a month. What I considered a treat might not be a treat to others... Now don't laugh but mine was a trip to the local drug store like Longs (on my bike as I didn't have a car) so I could treat myself to finger nail polish! I had all kinds of colors and it was just what I needed to make myself feel good, give me that little boost of happiness and glamour. And if I had a little extra cash I could buy Loreal! 5 bucks (I think) THAT was a splurge. Now I like to splurge on jewelry supplies...which costs a little more than 5 bucks.

My stamp camp "soiree" went very well. It was a little bitter sweet however as there were some things missing after the party. I don't know if I threw them out or if they were missed placed. Loosing things of value (money) can put a damper on any good feeling. I am ever optimistic though. Hey, for all I know the fairys came and took it!


Friday, October 10, 2008


I have been getting ready ALL week for my annual stamp camp (grand soiree) and have really spent a lot of time making new samples with the Big Shot. It cuts 50 different materials!! There was a slight diversion and I made several Halloween bag cards that I really like and will post after the party.

I won a great give away! To see it click: Maija Lepore!!! Yay!!! It's soo beautiful and she is such a wonderful artist!
hugs and shimmies!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grand Soiree and New Tiara

At my stamp club this past Tuesday my good pal Karen gave me a hand made tiara that she made (shown above) and I love it! She also brought apple pie, ice cream (my favs), purple napkins and plates (my favorite color) and my fav tarts (butterscotch and cinnamon) as a late b-day gift! Thanks Karen! Gigi gave me a hand made card (thanks Gigi!) and Chelsea brought me peacock feathers!! Thanks everyone. Also wanted to thank Syliva for the cute Halloween ATC from my Costa Mesa group!

Now on to the next event: My 6th annual stamp camp! If you are in the area of Los Angeles come on over to my home studio for a creative day out on Sat. Oct.11 from 12-4p! Munch on good food, sip mimosas, win prizes and raffles, make-n-take 4 hip projects with the new unveiling of the die cut machine from SU!: "The Big Shot". It only costs $15 of which $5 will be refunded with a purchase. I will also have a bunch of retired SU! products for sale at 20-40% off! Email me for the addie and to RSVP.