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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something New

I've been wanting to make this for a long time. Up until now it's been a rendering in my sketch book and I finally whipped it up this week for a new class at Piecemakers. I will be teaching it Aug.29 from 10a-4p. Sign ups will be soon and you can contact them ahead at 714-641-3112. It's called "Bohemian Chic"~An introduction to shisha mirror embroidery. The whole purse is made from scratch and the techniques will include free form quilting, shisha mirror embroidery, tassels and pompoms. Shisha mirrors are small mirrors used in ethnic textiles and accessories. Most examples I have seen are from India, Africa and Pakistan. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Soldering-Treasure Necklace sign ups

This picture has been on my blog in several posts. The class keeps me busy and I am so pleased to announce that The Shepherdess in San Diego Ca. will be offering my Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass charms class for two whole days!! Registration starts this Friday, May 15. The class is schedualed for JULY 11 and 12. I am thrilled to be doing this class for two days since it's impossible to finish in just one day. And it gives me more time to teach more techniques not only on soldering but simple jewelry construction. One thing you need to know about registering for the Shepherdess is it can get crazy! Phoning in is the best way to get a seat as they usually sell out the same day. Call: 619-297-4110. Click here for workshop:

For those of you in Los Angeles I have 3 spots left for The Treasure Necklace this Sunday, May 17 in Costa Mesa,Ca. Call 714-641-3112. If you don't have equipment you are welcome to use mine for a small studio fee of $5. The class is $65 which includes some supplies and runs from 10a-3:30.

Monday, May 11, 2009

hippy chick



yes, i confess I am a hippy chick...always have been and probably always will be. for God's sake I was born in family wasn't bohemian but you can't mess with the star's and their alignment. This is my back yard in all it's chaos with died silk hanging from the lemon tree. I actually had to make my own clothes hanger from an old branch and hang it from two other branches. after I left these to dry I was inspired to dye more vintage doilies, aprons and vagrant fabric scraps. I have been dying things off and on for years, mostly experimenting and after I saw Nina Bagleys post of dyed pieces for jewelry and journals it ingnited my past. Right now I am in the frantic process of producing new samples for classes. this is the process: making your mark by creating your own reality, colors and style and hoping others will like it! So far so good. More assymetric earrings in my etsy store. the little bird will soon be part of a necklace. it was cast in bronze and i am using bronze wire to connect the dots. peace!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Demonstration this Saturday, May 9

Hi everyone

I will be doing a soldering demo this Saturday at Piecemakers, 1720 Adams Ave Costa Mesa,Ca 92626 from 11a-2p. I will also have some things for sale and other samples for upcoming classes. Come on by and say hi!