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Monday, July 10, 2017

FREE altered art bottle how to

My studio is a huge mess BUT I have been on a HUGE creativity binge and I wanted to share an informal "how to" of my new projects with you!  I didn't take pictures of every step but I think you'll get the jist!

~Empty, clean wine bottle or similar
~white gesso and ivory acrylic paint
~decorative napkins (the roses are a napkin from and the Paris one is from, just type in "paper napkins")
~mat mod podge or matte gel medium
~paint brushes, 1 largish and one small
~script rubber stamp and black staz on ink
~a little cheese cloth
~laces and trims and paper or silk roses
~pearls, charms, chandy crystals, rhinestone chain
~placard to frame the Paris label. This one is from Stampin'Up but no longer available.  Try hardware or scrapbook stores.
~something to add to the top like the porcelain bird which I got from Michaels a few years ago.  The dollar store usually has fun stuff to add.
~tart tin
~adhesives I used: hot glue gun, e6000 and mod podge
~bowl of water
~walnut ink

First:  gather mod podge or similar and largish paint brush, your napkin, small piece of cheese cloth, a small clean paint brush and bowl of water
*There are 2-3 layers (usually) to a paper napkin.  Peel the layers and use them for the next step (not the decorative part) set aside.  Cut a little bit of the cheese cloth too and set aside.
*paint a GENEROUS amount of mod podge or matte medium on the whole bottle and carefully glue the thin sheets of the plain parts of the napkin (not the pretty part with the image), covering the whole bottle.  I only do one layer.   Once you have that done, add the roses onto the center of your bottle (tear the napkin using a paint brush and water around the image of the roses).  Also, cut thin layers of the cheese cloth and glue onto the neck of the bottle.  TIP-do not paint the napkins onto the bottle, they will disintegrate and tear.  Just pat and smooth the napkins with your hands and wait till it dry's and add another layer of mod podge to seal it.  If you skip these steps nothing will stick to your bottle!!!

*after the tissue has dried and you've sealed it stamp script onto the bottle with black staz on ink. let dry.  Lightly spray walnut ink or similar.  Let dry
*dry brush gesso over the whole bottle letting the other layers show through.  The layers will be faint but really add to the richness of the project.  
*let dry and seal the whole bottle with one more coat of mod podge or matte gel medium to seal it before we add the embellishments.  Let dry
*Hot glue the laces, flowers and trims onto the bottle.  Or you can use e6000 or tacky glue, it just takes longer 
*if you're adding a topper like the bird try to find one with a hole on the bottom or hollow.  This bird had a large hole so all I did was take the wine bottle cork and trim it with an exacto knife.  This enabled me to insert the cork into the bird and the bottle.  I used e6000 to make sure it stayed in place.  Other options are gluing more flowers into the opening.
*the bottom is a tart tin that was first painted with ivory acrylic paint.  I glued it with e6000, let it dry and then glued the trim and pearls.  

Hope you enjoyed this!  Please let me see what you made! Scroll down for more pictures!!!  Click the pictures for more detailed close ups!