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Thursday, March 22, 2012

back to normal!

Whew!  Back from several months of planning, preparing, cutting, sawing, sculpting, making, baking and being creative!   First was Glitterfest which was spectacular and right on the heels of that was my Santo de Estrella workshop in Las Vegas.   Here are some pictures of my weekend in Las Vegas at my friend Jan's lovely home.  After trying to download these pictures for the 4th time there might be some missing and I will try to identify the ones I had . There were a few students whose close ups I didn't have but equally appreciated.   All the students loved their completed Santos and each had it's own personality:

The whole gang (Suzie had to leave early): Kathy, Melanie,Margaret,Sarah,Tanya,Heather, Jan, June,Sandy. 

Second day, working hard to finish

painting the details

Here's Suzie (white shirt)..she's so sweet

Margaret made little swirls on her it

Sandy experimented with copper patina and stencils....great idea!

can't remember whose this is?

Jan is a pro at painting pretty

Adorable!  some one claim this..can't remember! Melanie?

Melanie added little pixie-esk curls to her hair- very cute

Tanya had a flair for distressing and painted beautiful eyes

cleaned up and ready to take pictures

Sarah added some rhinestone chain to her crown

Tanya's Santo all beautifully embellished

 Thank you so much my new found and old friends for taking time to attend my class.  Thank you Tanya for blogging about the class which added a few new students, Melanie thanks for coming all the way from CA!  A special thanks to Jan for opening her home to all us crazy ladies and inviting me to teach and also to Sarah and Jan for distributing flyers.  We had so much fun she has already invited me back for 2013 and the projects are already lined up!!!  Day one will be my new Soldered Heart Locket and the second day an adorable wire wrap necklace with vintage lace wrapped frozen charlotte angel (brand new class) pictures available closer to registration!  If you want to be on the list for next year let me know now and I'll send out the registration in September.    The date is not set but will probably be in February or March 2013.

After our first day Jan suggested we go see the "ribbon" lady!  Yay a field trip!  I had heard of her from previous visits to Las Vegas but we never seemed to make it out there so Jan called the ribbon lady "Carol" for an appointment and graciously drove me and Melanie to her home.  We were told that we were going to be in for a treat and boy were we!   I stepped into her studio and all I could say was "Oh my gosh"!  Ribbon heaven!!!!   I couldn't wait to dig.  I left with gorgeous double back silk satin, several colors and sizes of velvet trim, vintage and new laces and ribbons and a gorgeous piece of vintage wool fabric that I have plans of making miniature carpet bags from!

Here are some pics of me preparing:

my version of a mask

some of the appendages ready to bake, 22 in all

60 pieces of wood to cut (hence the mask)