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Friday, November 15, 2013

Classes....last of the year

Hello creative ones.  I'm teaching this class by request at the Rainmaker Ranch in Newport Beach, hosted by Lisa Sarvak Heaney.  It's Saturday Nov.23 from 11-3pm.  I'm going to demonstrate how to use a quick and easy cutting system with a beetle bit glass cutter, symetric soldered box construction with box feet and how to colorize black and white photo copies.  Scroll all the way down for class info.   Hope you can come!  email me or leave a comment for more info.  I have a few more classes to end the year......please check the side bar on the right for dates.

Whimsical Soldered Box
By Robin Dudley-Howes
Nov.23, 2013
Rainmaker Ranch
Newport Beach
$75 plus $35 kit

Perfect timing before the holiday rush, Lisa Sarvak Heaney has graciously invited Robin to teach this whimsical box at the Ranch!  There will be a variety of techniques covered as we construct our magical box from scratch.   Robin will demonstrate 2 different ways to cut glass using the Beetle Bit and a glass scorer, symmetrical soldered box construction with box feet and subtle but effective ways to colorize a black and white photo copy for the inside.  The kit will have pre-cut glass, 4 fancy box feet, rhinestone chain for front decoration, images and words, fancy copper foil tape, wire, moss, glitter.  She will also bring extra materials to finish the project but asks that you please bring the following supplies:


~Soldering iron with a coiled stand and sponge (I recommend Hakko or Weller with a  ¼ or 3/16 inch bevel chisel tip, no cone tips)
~Lead free solder
~fire proof surface
~glue stick
~round nose pliers and wire cutters
~steel bench block or small anvil
~hemostats, cross lock tweezers (optional)

*******PLEASE NOTE:  If you bring your own image, avoid an actual photo as it will be ruined.  Bring only photo copies (preferably on cardstock) and keep in mind that the box is only 5”x3” and the width between the front and back is 2inches.  Your kit will have the angel pictured in the sample.  Feel free to bring any other ephemera to add to your box.  The salt shaker on top of the sample will not be included in your kit however I will have a hand full for sale in addition to the kit fee.

All class fees are collected before class and are non-refundable.  Please check your calendar before committing to the class.  Payments are made directly to Robin in 3 ways:
1.     paypal (need your paypal email to invoice)
2.     check (email me: for my addie )
3.     credit card (email me:  for my phone #)
Once payment is received a gate code and address will be emailed to you for entrance.   Bring a light snack to share.  See you there!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

more is better!

Another new piece I made for Spellbound.....a "tassel assemblage" .....made with an antique iron skate, lots of doilies,  a car piece, vintage sprinkler thingy, chain, pearls, milinery...I love making tassels and haven't made any for quite awhile so this was fun and a lot more industrial for me. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Next Friday evening I will be at Spellbound in Pasadena CA. vending and I'm really excited.  I've never been to the event but it looks exquisite from the pictures taken last year.  Check out their site:
HERE and see for yourself.  In the mean time here is a picture of some ornies I've made.  They look slightly mischevious to me, as if they're gossiping   It's my take on the popular shaker ornies that I'll have at the event:

It's a 4 day art retreat at the swanky Langham Huntington Hotel and I believe there is still time to sign up.  The mercantile on Friday is only open to attendees.  Introduce yourself if you come.  I'd love to meet you!  More pictures to come........