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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Snowman crazy!

Merry Christmas!  I've taken November and December off from teaching and have been making stuff and having fun!   Here are some items I've been working on and also some dates for new workshops in 2017.  I'd like to also (alert) mention to my followers that my Art is YOU workshops are filling up and even though they aren't until April 2017 there is still time to catch the "early" bird discount which ends December 31st.  After that prices go up.  Here is a link to take advantage of the discounted prices and registration fee:

Here are specific links to each of my classes in Santa Rosa,CA for April 7-9th 2017 and a picture below each link.  Remember to sign up before December 31, 2016 to get a discount:
Miniature Book Necklace, all day class

Altered Art Bottles, 3 hour class

Soldered Heart Locket, all day class
Local classes in Los Angeles,CA January 2017:

January 7th- Meet the teachers of Piecemakers lunch and demos 11-2pm
January 14th- Learn how to make this adorable Shabby Chic Doily Doll and sign up here:

January 28th
Whimzy, Old town Tustin CA
Learn how to solder and make this Bohemian Illumination sun catcher
sign up here:

And lastly, for some Christmas inspiration, here are some adorable snowmen and assemblages that I've made.  The snowman was inspired by Mai Larsen and her youtube tutorial from Aug.2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Thank you for a wonderful year of supporting me and my artful life!  I am formulating new business strategies to engage and inspire YOU for 2017!  Big hugs!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fall classes 2016

Hello Creative Ones

I wanted to post classes that I'll be teaching for the Fall.  My schedule is very full, especially October which has me traveling to Stamford Connecticut and  San Jose California.   Along with in person classes I am collaborating with the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network and teaching an online workshop there as well, which has no deadline and can be watched indefinitely!
Here are the classes in order from September through October with pictures  Click the link for descriptions times etc.  Sign up now as some classes are almost full!  See you in class xox

SEPTEMBER 17th 2016 -Whimzy, Tustin CA
Trick or Treat Art Bottle NEW CLASS!
Click HERE: to sign up

SEPTEMBER 19Th 2016 Jeanne Oliver Creative Network ONLINE workshop available WORLDWIDE and forever! Eclectic Beaded Crochet Jewelry 
Click HERE to sign up

OCTOBER 6 & 8the 2016- Art is YOU, Stamford Connecticut
~10/6- Bohemian Illumination soldering for newbies 9-4pm
~10/6- Eclectic Beaded wraps (evening class) 6-9p
~10/8- Tassel Momento 9-4p
click HERE for more info.

OCTOBER 28,29 & 30TH 2016- A Work of Heart, San Jose CA
~10/28- Crocheted and Chained multi strand necklace
~10/29-Crowned Perfume Bottle necklace
~10/30-Bohemian Illumination soldering 101
Click HERE to sign up

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I was interviewed by HandmadeU!

I'm very excited to share a little interview I had with the very sweet Rachel McGough, owner and operator of HandmadeU.  Click the link to see the wonderful art retreats she offers.  I hope to attend her retreat myself some day.  You can also see lots of interviews with lots of talented artists.

I have to tell you another wonderful serendipitous thing that happened first.

As you know I am collaborating with Jeanne Oliver for my new online class, Eclectic Beaded Crochet Jewelry, relentlessly marketing and sharing it, with giveaways and posts on social media etc.  Well about 2 weeks ago, before I went to bed, I thought "I need to be interviewed by a popular blog" so I could spread the news about the class but I had no idea who to contact or how to go about it without seeming weird.   Without giving it another thought, I went to bed and wouldn't you know it, first thing in the morning I woke up, checked my emails and FB page to see that Rachel had messaged me on facebook, asking if she could interview me for an online monthly series she is conducting,  focusing on "putting yourself out there as an artist".  Now, I have never talked to Rachel nor do I know her.  I just thought this is amazing and thanked spirit.  Sometimes you're in the flow and magic happens!

Any way, I'd love to hear what you thought of the interview and how you put yourself out there!  Just click this link to see the video;

Friday, July 15, 2016

Yay for My New online class and Serendipity!

Hello creative ones.

I have been keeping a little secret and I want to let you in on it.

Are you familiar with Jeanne Oliver?  If not you might want to jump over to her site and check it out. It's free to join and you will not be sorry you did.

She has a beautiful online community of close to 30,000 subscribers with loads of amazing eye candy, art classes, free classes and merchandise all with a inspirational and artful eye.   Well, I have been asked to teach on her creative network and I am thrilled.  I want to invite you all to one of my most requested classes:
                                   Eclectic Beaded Crochet Jewelry.

Registration for the early bird price starts TODAY!  FOR ONLY $24 SO HURRY AND SIGN UP NOW HERE

A little story about serendipity and how no small deed goes un noticed.....For the last few years I have worked very hard to build a reputation as a good mixed media art teacher sharing my skills at local bead stores, private homes and large art retreats.  As a result my student base has grown and my reputation and course content has taken on a life of it's own by word of mouth and social media and I am forever grateful and love my students and those who host me.

 Last October 2015, I splurged and attended a wonderful 2 day workshop that Sharon Hughes hosts called Launch your Creativity.   Held in Orange County, Ca, at the lovely Paris in a Cup salon, Launch is a 2 day event for entrepreneurs wanting to start or advance their artistic business.  The timing was right and along with the other fabulous speakers, there were 2 that I thought I could really learn from.  One was artist, author and photographer, Cynthia Schafer Thompson and the other was the lovely artistic inventor of the Crystyler, Norma Rapko Vargas.  Not only is this event filled with information, delicious food and beautiful ambience it's a great place to connect with like minded artists.  I got to know Norma and Cynthia and we kept in touch after the event via Facebook.  About a month later I was vending for a holiday event in Tustin,CA.  Cynthia came to take some photos of the intimate event requested by the hosts (unbeknownst to me) and while she was there she bought one of my crochet bracelets.   I think I sold 2 things the whole night (The serendipity part is coming...promise).  The show wasn't very successful but I have learned that no small deed goes unnoticed, there must be a reason I was there and I didn't let it bother me.  A few weeks later I get a message that pops up on my FB page with some excited text.  Turns out that Cynthia had met Jeanne Oliver and a friend for dinner (Jeanne came in from Colorado to teach a weekend class in LA).  Cynthia just happened to be wearing the crochet wrap she purchased from me and Jeanne loved it!  She asked Cynthia to contact me to buy a one and to see if I would want to teach it on her site!  Also, her friend wanted to buy one as well.  On top of this wonderful serendipitousness, I was also asked to be involved in a book project that Cynthia co authored with Anne Freund, The Gilded Journey.   If I had not gone to Launch I wouldn't have met Cynthia and if I didn't vend at that show she wouldn't have bought my jewelry.  I just love this story and I hope you enjoyed it too and I suppose leave you with a little spark of hope for your own serendipitous story!

You'll be hearing from me real soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

miniature books

I am smitten with tiny things and after seeing so many adorable miniature books on pinterest I decided to figure out how to make my own and of course they have to be practical so they also function as a necklace.  Here are the 2 that I have finished with several more waiting on my work bench:

These little books will be a workshop for Art is You mixed media art retreats in Santa Rosa,Ca  2017.  Subscribe to their newsletter to be the first to know when the class becomes live this fall!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Coupon for BEADS and eye candy

Hello!!  It's Sunday, May 1st..........happy May day!  I have a little discount just for YOU for some amazing beads from a cute mommy of 2 entrepreneur etsy store owner.  I met her at Art is YOU in Santa Rosa,CA a couple weeks ago and was smitten with her large selection of Czech picasso glass beads!  When ever I find a female entrepreneur that loves what she does I'm all for networking and bringing business to like minded creative girls!  But before I give you the coupon code, check out some new pictures for my May and June classes.

PIECEMAKERS, MAY 15-learn how to paint this beautiful face on a pre made canvas clutch.  NO experience necessary.  I will provide you with a template to trace my original design onto a pre made canvas clutch.   See my post on facebook from Nov. 21, 2015 and the student work from this class.
$83 plus $40 includes lunch and all materials to make this clutch, including the clutch, paint, template, brushes etc.

June 2016 I will be teaching 3 workshops with ViviMagoo art retreat at the beach in Irvine,CA.   Scroll down to see pictures of the classes I'll be teaching.  Go HERE sign up and see more pictures.  For the Painted art Tote class you will receive a template to paint my personal designs, no experience necessary.  You will also learn how to make some lacy mixed media strips to add to your pre made bag or tote, either with glue or sewn on. These strips are also fun to use for jewelry like cuffs and brooches or to use for banners.

Tassel Momento as seen in the new book:  The Gilded Journey.  To take the class go HERE.  To purchase the book go HERE.

Laces, Pearls and Rust doll assemblage. I made and sold several of these about 2 years ago and had  many people requesting a class so here is your chance!  Go HERE to sign up

Thank you for coming to my blog and reading my posts.  I hope you gain some insite but mostly inspiration to feed your creative fire.  Here is a little thank you for your support, a 10% off coupon for a new bead store that I LOVE!  Let me know what you are creating.  I'd love to see it!

Here is the coupon code:  RDH2016
Here is the bead store to use it:  The Bead Apothecary

Now go create something!