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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my heart is full........

My heart is full
From this magical place

Where fairys dwell



This creative group was on a mission

And the saints (and sinners!) were there.....

She's the reason I came to this magical place.  I have mad respect and sincere gratitude for this brazen soul.  She gave and gave and gave and then gave some more.  Her heart out on her sleeve, spilling into her hands creating and giving with deep and soulful presence.  She gives the best hugs too!  Sincere and intentional hugs......the kind that make you feel loved.

Her class filled quickly and here we are in all our glory, happy to be with this great teacher.

I learned how to drill through small stones, set tiny eyelets and make these incredible nests....

 Resin in bezels, drilling into them and setting eyelets........

Nina knots, velvet, more nests...SO much fun....

cocoon beads....

Nina's sister, Ellen, makes these awesome egg beads.  We were like a bunch of pirana's when Nina put them on the table..I love mine!  I love the packaging too and am hesitant to take it out of it's nest.  If you want one go here:  
As an added benefit, Cindy (the coordinator of this event) had a Soul Collage workshop for the attendees.  This is what came about....pretty profound.  
Sincere gratitude and thanks to Cindy.  If it wasn't for her, none of this would have happened.   Go here: Artful Journey to experience it for will LOVE iT!!!!!  Hurry, don't delay...classes fill quick!

that's all for now.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010



spring cleaning, birthdays, valentines day, family gatherings and looking forward to this:  an artful journey 
with this master: nina bagley
i'm besides myself with excitement!!!!!!  see you next week with loads of new jewelry work, i'm sure

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Join me this Saturday, February 6 at Handmade Galleries in Sherman Oaks from 1-4pm.   Handmade Galleries is a funky 5000 sq. foot store with the BEST gift shopping and a lot of it is handmade by local artisans.  It has been featured several times in well know magazines and on television and is owned by a great gal, Andy Spiros.  She's been in business for about 15 years and I take my hat off to any one who can pull that off in LA!!!  It's my attempt to start a new class venue in the valley.  I will be doing a demo on soldering and having trunk show.  My Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass charms class is scheduled for March 14th and we will be signing up new students.  Come by and say hi.    Bring your check book or cash because you will want to buy some stuff!!!