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Thursday, April 30, 2009

GArage Sale this Weekend!

I really am having it this time! I have to! I listed in Craigs list, so no turning back now. This Saturday, May 2 at my house. Come on by....not before 8:30a! I will post pictures soon. Been busy. I had a great class at Gilding the Lily this past Saturday as always and we are on our third seating for this particular class. It's the frozen charlotte necklace.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring break



Hello my peeps! I was down by the border this past week in my home town of San Diego. So much fun! Took my daughter for the first time to Sea World....she's 10. We're kinda slow to do those things. Learned some new techniques for riveting from the infamous Keith Lobue at the Shephardess bead store. Know I feel a little more comfortable with it. He really goes into depth about the how, why and why Dremel drills are too fast for drilling into metal, what types of vises and pliers work best with different metals, "Cave man" techniques (his term) for short cuts. I highly reccomend his classes. He lives in Australia and only comes to the US once or twice a year.

The "gypsy" necklaces above will be going into my Etsy store soon. They are made with very old Afghani, Tibetan and Yemenese findings, silver and trade beads. And if you didn't already know, I have listed a few of my Frozen Charlottes and Charlies and some other old bisque dolls. It takes FOREVER to load things to Etsy, hence my proscrastination. BUT I have more to add so check periodically.

I have a couple requests one of which was to make some Peace stamps (above). Another is to make a personalized tassel for a gal whose cat just past, and a hand embossed metal plack for
some one who just passed as well. Well gotta go! Off to my studio....several people are awaiting their own Frozen charlotte necklace kit!