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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

FREE Halloween banner tut!

This was inspired by and instead of making the book I made this banner.  Enjoy!

What you'll need:
1. mod podge
2. black paint
3. packaging jute
4. hot glue gun
5.banner blanks
6. ribbon
7. gold rub n buff
8. thin napkins or paper towel

Glue down the jute onto each banner with chosen alphabet (I spelled out SPOOKY)

Mod podge the napkin on top of each banner piece, squish it around to make it a little lumpy.  Let it dry.   Make sure the napkin has been opened up so it's thin. *If you've never used mod podge, its similar to liquid glue and provides a nice finish while glueing at the same time.

 Paint the dried banner black, let dry

With your finger, rub on the gold rub n buff onto each banner section.

Paint the back if you like , let dry and if there are no holes, punch holes at the top of each banner piece to add the ribbon.  Your done!