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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hi Everyone, I hope you're holidays were festive and fun.  Did you see the recipe below in my last post?  If not check it out, it's super yummy!  If you had a chance to make it let me know what you thought!

2016 is suppose to be a great year according to and adds up to the number 9 which is the end of a of a 9 year cycle and beginning of  a new and better cycle.  I can't explain it very well but check out the link for yourself.  Even if you don't believe in that kind of stuff, it never hurts to listen to good news about your future.

So!  This past fall (2015) I had many wonderful requests from some of my favorite venues as well as unexpected sources to teach at new venues with potentially large classes.  I'm very humbled and excited to be teaching at 3 prestigious art retreats for 2016 and was asked to come back to A Work of Heart in San Jose,CA to teach 3 classes in October as well (more on that later).

This Saturday, Jan.9, I'll be at Piecemakers annual teachers open house event.  Please come and see samples of my new classes along with all the other talented artists this Saturday January 9 from 1-4pm.

JAN. 16 & 17-The first class of the year is at one of my favorite venues, Whimzy in Old Town Tustin, CA., Jan.16 & 17.  For the first time ever I will be teaching a 2 day collage painting workshop entitled WITCHES OR ANGELS, and I would love to have you as my guest!  Here are pictures of the samples and before I go any further, this class is open to all levels, so check out their web site to sign up and get all the info.

January 30, 2016- The next class I'll be teaching is at another favorite venue of mine in Costa Mesa,Ca at Piecemakers.   A brand new take on one of my most requested classes, we'll make a quadruple strand crochet necklace.  This class is almost full so hurry!  inquire here:

FEBRUARY 27- GLITTERFEST  1960 South Anaheim Way, Business Expo in Anaheim CA.  Mixed media art and home decor show. I'll be there!

The 3 art retreats I'll be teaching at are:

Art is YOU!  check out the schedule here:

I'll be teaching at 2 of their 2016 retreats, Santa Rosa,CA (April)  and Connecticut (Oct.)

3 classes:  Knotty Soldered Bracelet  - sign up here for the April 2016 Santa Rosa retreat:

BOHEMIAN ILLUMINATION, soldering for newbies.  sign up here for the April 2016 Santa Rosa retreat:

Eclectic Beaded wraps, sign up here and get more info for the April 2016 Santa Rosa retreat:

Another art retreat that I'm excited to teach at is Vivi Magoo'sArt Retreat at the Beach, Irvine CA. this June.  Brand new classes and registration is open.  Some of the classes are almost full and the line up is incredible.  Go here to take a gander:

Okay I've taken up a lot of your time so thanks for coming by.  Leave me a comment if you like what you see!