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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet me at the faire.....

                                                  Little Egypt~Chicago World Faire 1893

For those of you who live in or near the South Bay (Torrance,CA) this is an open invitation to visit me this SUNDAY  NOVEMBER 22 at the Torrance Antique Street Faire.  If you want to share the space with me please email   It's 18x19 for $45.  We can split the cost in half or by a 1/3 if you don't have much.  I will be selling lots of old and new stuff, including my jewelry and frozen charlottes, merchandise and clothing from the store we closed down, computer equipment, printers, kitchen stuff, some furniture, bike, craft supplies, bags of old jewelry,  paper, ephemera, lots of other things.  Address:

1317 Sartori Ave
Torrance CA  9050
Web link:
hours:  8a-3p rain or shine


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today is Sunday.  I relaxed. I leisurely caught up on some email stuff and proposals, visited some blogs and left thoughtful posts, spent time just "being" here in my home with my family, not doing anything with a purpose.   I intended to clean up , and I did, but it wasn't as much as I'd like.  I guess the dust can wait.  As I was shooting pictures of some of my new treasure necklaces I was thinking about what I would write on this post.  I was also thinking about how diverse  blogs are in general.  Have you ever clicked  "next blog" on your dashboard?  It's located (usually) on the top of your blog.  Try never know what or who you might run into.  And for the blogs where you leave a post but never hear a reply....what's up with that?  I understand that I can't always expect a reply from all blogs but after having left a couple comments over a few months and still nothing....It only takes two seconds to leave a comment and it means so much.  Hopefully I'm not the only one out there that has this happen.  But then there are the loyal bloggers who leave comments all the time and I love them for it!   There are blogs that read like a good novel and suck you in with their story telling, deep thoughts and profound vocabulary.  After I visit those blogs my blog seems so shallow but then I get over it.  I know I'm not shallow, just a little private about my thoughts.  And between me and you I very rarely read the whole post on those blogs.  Mostly because of lack of time.    I'm very public with visuals and that's more what I look for in other blogs and strive for in mine.  Letting you see what I have made makes me and all the other creative types who share their work vulnerable in other ways but I'm willing to take the risk.  I recently found a food blog and loved it!  Never thought I'd say that.  Check it

I am grateful and make it my intention to say so everyday.  One of the many things I am grateful for are the students that come to my classes and the establishments that let me teach.   I had a great class yesterday at Piecemakers.  Here are some fuzzy pictures of the students.  Let's see there was Dana, Irene (she owns the Garden of Beadin' store), Andrea all from the Upland area and on the left  Stephanie, her mom Janae, Carol and Liz (from San Diego area).  Great students and talented in their own right.  Thanks to you all!

These pictures of my new necklace creations were fun to make and the photos I took were experiments with lighting and effects.  One of them relates to the pile "o" pink post below.  I like the way it came out.  For those of you who make dolls you might relate to the next few sentences.  I generally start projects with a theme or color scheme in mind and usually it takes on a life of its own from there.  This is really true with the treasure necklaces and the altered art bottles.... a life of their own I mean.  That's why I bring up doll making.....and you doll makers  know what I'm talking about.....or should I say what "their" talking about.   That voice and personality  that takes over your project and channels life into it.  That's all I'm saying....zipping my mouth and throwing out the key now!       Check out my Etsy tonight or tomarrow.   They'll be for sale.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pilo "o' Pink

I like to have piles everywhere to create.   Or small boxes of piles with themes.  It helps me visually.   This is the "pink M.Antoinette pile" and it has grown over the last few months.  I knew I wanted to make a "treasure necklace" with M.Antoinette so I soldered lots of charms to add to my pink pile,  all with her in mind.     I also have other piles waiting to be formed into something but this one took precidence.   A really fuffy earing that I found at the flea market was perfect for the M.Antoinette shrine.  I finished the little shrine and have added it to a necklace full of bling.  Will show tomarrow!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Treasure Necklace & soldered glass charms

Again I will be teaching this popular class in two locations this month:

Nov. 14 Piecemakers Costa Mesa, Ca. 10-4p
Nov.22 HandmadeGalleries, Sherman Oaks CA 10-5p

The class at Piecemakers is almost full so call ASAP if you want to attend 714- 641-3112.  The class in Sherman Oaks is a new venue for me and hopefully sign ups will go well so I can teach there again.   Call 818-382-3444.   For materials list please email me.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rose Bowl

Hi!  Stampington publications has a magazine called "Somerset Life" and they decided to publicly announce a meeting at the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena,CA for an article on flea marketing.  The call was announced on 4 blogs of the superstars of the publication: Amy Hanna,Pam Garrison, Jenny Doh and Heather Bullard.    Everyone was invited and we all got goodies bags for coming and prizes were awarded for the best tote, best cart and person who came the farthest!  We walked around for 3 hours and then all met for lunch and showed off our finds.   It was fun and hopefully you'll see me and several other like minded gals in an upcoming issue.  These are some pics along with a box of goodies that Nancy from Gilding the Lily gifted me the last workshop I taught!  I am so lucky.  Stay tuned for a fun chunky charm bracelet incorporating the finds and possibly a workshop on it!