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Sunday, December 29, 2013


The first half of December is quite busy for most everyone and I was no exception.    After the Christmas rush, classes, cookie making, shopping, visiting with family and holiday meals  here I am contemplating what my goals for next year will be in business, personal growth and health.   First of all, I feel extremely blessed that I have such a loyal following of students and clients that I have built over the years and realize in order to stay relevant and fresh I have to and want to keep moving forward with new techniques and trends that appeal to me and hopefully to anyone else who wants to follow along and learn.   One thing I really intend to do is make sure I make the time to do online class videos.  I intended on doing that last year (and the year before) but kept my teaching schedule so packed that I really didn't have any extra time and as I look over my calendar for next year I am already starting to fill the first 1/4 of the year with classes and shows and freaking out because I don't have every weekend booked and then I think "STOP"!  I need those empty weekends to edit and make videos! DUH!  What do I think I am, super women?  yes.... well not really but I do pack a lot of making and doing stuff into my daily routine and before I now it half the year is gone.   SO that is one thing I intend on doing.  The other is finish a book proposal that I never finished.....a proposal is the thing you send to a publisher in hopes of making a book and it needs to be good and convincing enough to warrant a book deal.  I started it last year and almost finished it....but life happened and here I am one year later.  Its' so hard to believe 2014 is just a few days away.    With that said here are some upcoming events and classes you may be interested in and please know, again, that I am so blessed to have you all in my life.  Thank you for humoring me and indulging me in my passionate appetite to teach what I know by taking my classes and buying my stuff.  I am truly blessed.  That is my mantra for 2014.  It is so true.

Jan.18 2014
Whimsical soldered Box
$75 plus $35 kit
bring a sack lunch

Perfect timing for Valentines day, Whimzy has graciously invited Robin to teach this whimsical soldered box!  There will be a variety of techniques covered as we construct our magical box from scratch.   Robin will demonstrate 2 different ways to cut glass using the Beetle Bit and a glass scorer, symmetrical soldered box construction with box feet and subtle but effective ways to colorize a black and white photo copy for the inside.  The kit will have pre-cut glass, 4 fancy box feet, rhinestone chain for front decoration, images and words, fancy copper foil tape, wire, moss, glitter.  She will also bring extra materials to finish the project but asks that you please bring the following supplies:


~Soldering iron with a coiled stand and sponge (I recommend Hakko or Weller with a  ¼ or 3/16 inch bevel chisel tip, no cone tips)
~Lead free solder
~fire proof surface (small tile or cookie sheet)
~glue stick
~round nose pliers and wire cutters
~steel bench block or small anvil (optional)
~hemostats, cross lock tweezers (optional)

*******PLEASE NOTE:  If you bring your own image, avoid an actual photo as it will be ruined.  Bring only photo copies (preferably on cardstock) and keep in mind that the box is only 5”x3” and the width between the front and back is 2inches.  Your kit will have the angel pictured in the sample.  Feel free to bring any other ephemera to add to your box.  The salt shaker on top of the sample will not be included in your kit however I will have a hand full for sale in addition to the kit fee.  Seating is limited to 6 students so sign up now!

All class fees are collected before class and are non-refundable.   

Piecemakers, Costa Mesa Ca
Feb.1, 2014
Ritual Adornment necklace-repurposing old and new jewelry into wearable art
$80 includes lunch and some supplies
All levels welcome

With over 17 years of jewelry making experience, Robin will show you the HOW's and WHY's of designing a one of a kind mixed media necklace.   She is known for teaching her students creativity so bring in a hand full of trinkets and treasures to create a piece you'll be proud to wear.  Robin will teach her tube bead (as seen in Jewelry Affaire magazine), a focal woven wire pendant as well as several techniques to attach odd items like crystals and buttons.  Feel free to bring some of your own old broken jewelry (maybe from grandmas stash) as we explore new territory!

Supply list:

Jewelers pliers~ chain nose, small and large round nose, wire cutters. DO NOT BRING PLIERS WITH TEETH.
18 and 20 gauge wire in any OR all of the following (5 or more feet each):
Sterling silver, german silver, brass, copper, annealed steel (has a tendency to rust)
A piece of suede or felt to work on
consider bringing these:  pearls, broken rosary, button, chandelier crystals, a couple charms and beads
Robin will have an eclectic stash of jewelry odds and ends to purchase as well.

Optional: steel bench block, chasing hammer
Teacher will bring tubes, lace, vintage paper, drill, metal hole puncher, large files and handouts.


Mark your calendars for the next Glitterfest!  March 15, 2014!  I'll be there selling my wares!

My annual trek to Las Vegas is scheduled for April 5 and 6, 2014 so if you live in Las Vegas and want to take a workshop with me let me know and I'll send you the details and soon as they are finalized.  This will be the 5th year Jan Ballagh has invited me to come teach a workshop at her home.  I don't have any samples made yet but I do know that I'll be teaching BRAND new techniques which include a quick and easy version of resin in a hand made bezel pendant and a faux mirror technique similar to mercury class in a bottle!  Stay tuned there are lots of ideas in my head and my hands aren't fast enough to keep up!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

FREE shipping till Jan.3!

All my FB and blog followers can get free shipping on purchases of over $15 in my etsy store!  Enter code RAKFREE at checkout.  I have started listing new hand made ornaments (see post below) as of yesterday and will continue to list more along with my handmade jewelry (which I rarely do) from now until Jan.3!  Thanks for your continued support of my classes and shows!

Friday, December 13, 2013

xmas inspiration

These are the new xmas ornies I created for my class last Saturday at Gayles Crafty Chateau for an eager group of crafty gals.  Thanks again GAYLE!!!!   Enjoy!