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Thursday, July 24, 2014


I'm taking an online class (2 actually) at the Trodden Path with Jane Spakowsky and Kate Thompson, both different artists.  I aspire to paint like Jane...I'm in love with her painting style.  While I wait for some art supplies for Jane's class, here are 2 paintings I finished in Kates class.  Enjoy..

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Learn how to make this amazing bottle with several techniques including how to attain an old mercury mirrored glass look and cut a bottle.  Whimzy in Old Town Tustin has invited me to teach this extremely popular class on Aug.2 and you are invited!  Call to reserve your seat 714-573-1025 or click the link above. Scroll down for more info.

“So Kitschy It’s Chic” soldered Mercury bottle!
With Robin Dudley-Howes
Saturday Aug. 2 , 2014
$90 plus $10- $20 kit  (see below)
Whimzy Tustin CA
Please bring a sack lunch
all levels welcome

As a kid I watched I Dream of Jeanie and always wished I could shrink myself into a puff of smoke and follow her into her magic bottle… didn’t you?    With all the velvet pillows and plush architecture how fun would that be?   Well, in this class we can make our own version of a magic bottle complete with contemporary techniques!  I will demonstrate a quick and easy way to score and break a bottle and how to make your bottle look like an ancient relic with a faux mercury glass technique.   Add some kitschy elements to your diorama and close it with solder to make a one of a kind dreamland!   Because this project is only limited to your imagination there will be two kinds of kits depending on what you want to put inside the bottle.   Payment is non refundable and payable before class to ensure your seat.  
 The $10 kit will only have one pre cut, clean, clear bottle and copper foil tape so that you can add whatever want.
The $20 kit will be have items to make the French version of the sample and have one clean, clear ,pre cut bottle, copper foil tape, die cut metal Eiffel tower, vintage lace, millinery, rhinestone pieces for the inside, glitter, pearls and mica.  
Your kit fees also include the use of the mirror glass paint, some extra soldering supplies, glues , wire and other ephemera.
***PLEASE NOTE your kits will have the basic materials but the samples have one of kind items that will not be included like any of the statues or outside elements such as old jewelry pieces, door knobs or light bulbs.  Bring any items you like to add to the inside that are no longer than 5 inches and no wider than 2 1/2 inches.  I will have a few items for sale in addition to add as a decorative topper but consider bringing your own similar to the samples:  small vintage glass drawer pulls, vintage car light bulbs etc.  Just make sure they are not too heavy or large.  Please bring the following:

Material List:
~Soldering equipment (soldering iron, stand, sponge, lead free solder, fire proof surface).  Contact me at least 2 weeks ahead of class if you do not have this equipment so we can hook you up.
~ Scissors and wire cutters if you have them