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Monday, June 28, 2010

An angel in my basil.....

It's been too long since the last post.  Isn't that a typical line for the beginning of a post?  My child will no longer be in elementary school....September she'll be in middle school.  Last week was the celebration of that plus family stays, cleaning, food prep, entertaining, workshop prep, workshops and filling orders for clients.  Sometimes I wonder how I do it all and I know I'm not alone out there.  Here are some pictures of new pieces and my newest angel.  Making jewelry from unusual items has become a passion for me and I am constantly experimenting.  If you need some instructional inspiration and eye candy for soldered glass charms and mixed media check out these books:  Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander and Collage Lost and Found by Josie Cirincione.  Oh, I WILL do that little tutorial on the waxed tp pouches from the last post.  I just wanted to photograph the process before I posted. 

Friday, June 11, 2010


The lastest issue of Somerset Life has oodles of quick/easy projects to make which is where I got  the inspiration to make these pouches.  I didn't actually buy the magazine so if any one knows the name of the gal who made these let me know.    I made these gift pouches with toilet paper roles, old ledger paper and images plus a layer of wax.  They are SO addicting.  If I didn't have a full weekend teaching I would have made more but instead will have to wait till I get home.  I filled them with goodies for my treasure necklace kits and attached them to paper bags that have even more stuff in them.   When I get back I will try to do a little tut on them. 
Here is a necklace I just sold with old keys:
talk to you soon!