Thursday, November 10, 2011

what I've been working on

New classes are always expected when you teach so I have been experimenting and playing.  Here is a new project that I will release full information on in the next month.  In the mean time this is how it looks now in the raw.  I will bake it then cast a mold for mass production.   Can you guess what it might be?  (besides a doll)
Also, made a little gift for my pal (it was her b-day yesterday).  She's a good freind and you've probably seen her helpin' me out at GF:  She is always there for me and my family. thanks KB

I've really been busy putting all the kits together (they take FOREVER) for my next online class HERE

AND I have a full class this Saturday at WHimzy teaching BOTTLES ENCAUSTIC!  Had to go buy a few lbs of beeswax off to mail some kits and get all the materials together for the class!

OH!  AND putting together another order for The Attic in Coronado!


Recycled Rita said...

I LOOOOOOVE my bracelet! Thanks so much!
I can't wait till you start teaching that class...I have to take it! I was oogling those today on line, I could make my own!
And that jewelry! Oooolala!

BellaLunaArts said...

Signed up someone for your cool class at GTL today!Sounds wonderful.Wish I could be there too, but doing a show in Brea. Take care, miss ya! Love Bridgette