Thursday, June 6, 2013

New paintings...

St. Theresa painting by Robin Dudley-Howes

Mixed media Frida by Robin Dudley-Howes

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yay a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Okay everyone, I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!!!! For about 3 or 4 years now I've had lots of my students and fellow teachers say I should write a book. The only thing is since I teach and create in so many mediums and crafts I'm having a hard time deciding what the focus should be for the book. Right now I have a book proposal almost ready to send to publishers and the focus is mixed media for paper,fiber,metal and paint artists. So...before I send it out there (ready to be accepted or rejected) I had an idea....I thought I would ask my loyal blog friends, students and family: What do you want to see in a craft/art/mixed media type book? What is lacking in the market that hasn't been done already? Likes/dislikes about whats out there? Do you want a pretty picture book full of eye candy with lots of innovative ideas, step by step instruction and techniques (that's my preference)? Do you have several crafts that you dabble in and would like to see more cross over techniques using different or unexpected mediums to apply to your craft that would make it unique? If you know me and my style, what is it about my work that would make a good book? Would a book on funky,mixed media tassels be up your alley or more variety on several mediums? So what's the giveaway? $60 gift certificate to my Etsy store,!!!! All you have to do is leave a comment on what you would like me to write a book about in the crafting field and what it is about my work that pleases you (please try to be specific). Leave a comment here or my facebook page by June 15. Only one entry per person. Be sure to leave your contact info so I can get a hold of you.  Winner will be announced June 16th! Thank you soooooo much!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cage doll class opening

Hello everyone, I didn't post this class because it filled quickly early on however unfortunately some one had to cancel because of an emergency and if your interested in coming let me know asap.  Here are pics and the deets:  (class is at a private residence in Costa Mesa,CA so I'll give the addie upon registration)

Cage Art Doll
By Robin Dudley-Howes
Saturday June 8
all levels welcome

Learn how to make this fun and whimsical cage doll!   No experience necessary.  You will learn some fun techniques that I have gathered in my several years of mixed media using paper clay, simple armature construction, soldering, wire manipulation and techniques in primitive doll painting.   In addition I will show you how to make wings and a formula to add appendages to your doll like bunny ears, kitty ears, antlers etc.  This doll dosen’t require a lot of supplies but you will need to bring the following and I’ll supply the rest:

Material list:
~ soldering iron with ¼ inch bevel tip(no cone tips) & coiled holder with sponge
~fire proof surface (fire brick or 6x6 ceramic tile)
 ~Lead free solder
~One package of Creative Paper Clay (that’s what the brand is called and can be found at Michaels in the polymer clay section).  Bring a zip lock bag to store the clay in.
~ a large tongue depressor or something similar as a tool to smooth the clay
~unwanted newspaper or junk mail if you have it
~masking tape
~ a couple paint brushes to paint the body and facial features like a 1 inch sponge brush and small detail brush
~plastic container for water
~hammer, steel bench block, chain nose pliers, small round nose pliers

I will provide paint, wire, copper foil tape, flux and remover, patina solution, glue and words.  Feel free to bring your own paint and words just in case I don’t have your preference and if you don’t have soldering equipment your welcome to use mine for a studio fee of $5 but please notify me ahead of time. 

Questions?  Contact