Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crazy wired Bib necklace kits

Students who signed up for my online Crazy Wired Bib Necklace class can view the kits that have sold and the kits that are still available for purchase in this post.  If you see a kit that is sold and you would like one similar to it please contact me by leaving a comment or email me directly at  I'll get right back to ya!  Click the picture for a better view.  The pictures don't convey the sparkle and clarity.  Their very pretty and abundant in person.  All kits include shipping and are $47 which includes new and vintage ephemera,beads,pearls, rhinestone pieces, seed beads, crystals, buttons,cut glass beads, wire (3 different gauges), chain, velvet trim and a gorgeous focal. 

I will send you an invoice via paypal or you can pay by check once you contact me with your preference.  Thanks!











this is the focal for the above kit

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Devine Intersections

ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT!  This Saturday I'll be teaching a brand new class called Devine Intersections at Gilding the Lily in Fullerton,CA.  Learn my signature wire wrapping techniques and make (finish) a beautiful necklace reminiscent of a bygone era.  Call Dede to reserve your seat 714-757-0558.    All supplies are provided except the focal (cross) which you can purchase at GTL or bring your own and bring jewelry pliers, cutters and an Ott light if you like!  $85 INCLUDES ALL SUPPLIES (semi precious stones, wire, other beads and buttons, chain).  11-4p

Thursday, November 10, 2011

what I've been working on

New classes are always expected when you teach so I have been experimenting and playing.  Here is a new project that I will release full information on in the next month.  In the mean time this is how it looks now in the raw.  I will bake it then cast a mold for mass production.   Can you guess what it might be?  (besides a doll)
Also, made a little gift for my pal (it was her b-day yesterday).  She's a good freind and you've probably seen her helpin' me out at GF:  She is always there for me and my family. thanks KB

I've really been busy putting all the kits together (they take FOREVER) for my next online class HERE

AND I have a full class this Saturday at WHimzy teaching BOTTLES ENCAUSTIC!  Had to go buy a few lbs of beeswax off to mail some kits and get all the materials together for the class!

OH!  AND putting together another order for The Attic in Coronado!

Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW online Class!

Now you can take one of my classes in your pj's and slippers!  any time any where!  Registration is open for my new online class Crazy Wired Bib Necklace at A for Artistic.    Class starts Nov.22 and ends Dec.27.  Kits are available upon request (pink has been sold out).   Here is a picture of the finished product:

Pictured below are some of the kits that have already sold.  

3 Aquamarine and sea foam green combo
3 Gold/amber and black combo
2 purple and lavender combo
1 black and silver combo
3 emerald green and gold combos
1 red and black combo

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yay!!  This Sunday, Nov.6, 11:30-3:30p  I'm teaching a class at a new venue in Pasadena!  Zinnia is a mecca of mixed media, funky fun finds.  I've had several requests from students to teach there and I have my very first class there this Sunday.  I hope you join us!  This is a brand new class not taught any where else and seating is limited so call now!  626-441-2181.  ALL levels welcome.  Go home with finished product.  Fee includes everything to make the necklace.  Just bring some jewelry pliers.  Here is zinnia's link for more
The class is called "Dressing Charlotte".  Learn some of my signature wire wrapping techniques including how to wrap a chandelier crystal and make a cool clasp.  We will dress charlotte from head to toe complete with wings.  Some materials will vary because of the eclectic nature of the necklace but be equally fantastic.  Call to reserve your seat:  626-441-2181, class fee $75 INCLUDES ALL SUPPLIES

Monday, October 31, 2011


I shared this ghost story on FB and thought I'd share it here.  If you have a real ghost story, I'd love to hear it!

Several years ago my hubbie and I decided to go on a road trip from LA to Canada.  We started off like usual with some cash to spend, a road map (this was before i-phones or gps) and that's about it.  Gypsies at heart we trusted our instincts eating when we were hungry and checking in to motels when were tired. Starting off on the road with no real expectations we were on another adventure thinking we would hit the Oregon border in  2 maybe 3 leisurely days.  The second day on the road we hit some weather, kind of bad rain,  with fog through Northern California by the imposing Mt. Shasta.  We were so close to the border but the rain and fog was bad and we had to stop.  It was getting late.  In the middle of no where, somewhere between Mt.Shasta and the Oregon border we made our exit to the only motel we could find.....not the best or cleanest.......motel 6.   There was only one room available.  Checked in and got the keys to room 344.   Didn't feel right but what other option did we have but sleep in the car.  The clerk said something about the locks......okay.......didn't make sense at the time, but we were tired and just wanted a place to sleep.  Walked up 3 flights of stairs and get to the room.  First thing I notice:  2 dead bolts along with the regular lock on the dingy door and thick metal bars on the windows.  I look at the other room doors and windows and no such thing, only this room.  Strange.  Walk in.  Gross room and bathroom.....its pouring rain outside.....again better than nothing.  Husband says he'll be right back and goes to the nearest store for some smokes.  While he's gone, I climb into bed, turn on the tube and prepare for bed.  A few minutes later the windows shake and sound as if someone is trying to enter.   The curtains in the room flail wildly forward as if a fan had suddenly blown directly behind them.  Are the windows open I ask myself?   Is the air conditioning on?  No.    My heart drops and I know immediately what is's happened all my life but to reassure myself I say "Chip, is that you?"           No reply.       Curtains violently russle.   I say, with my bravest voice " Be gone, go away, I'm not afraid of you!".   Curtains stop.   Heart pounding, I try to focus on the tv.   A few seconds later I hear what sounds like some one running outside the room, up and down the corridor only up on the floor above and then I see the door knob moving.  It moves forward and back, forward and back, forward and back.  Door moves as if someone is trying to get in without a key.   Heart pounding, again wishing it was my husband and knowing in my gut it wasn't, "Is that you Chip?".   No answer.  Now I'm getting mad.  This m-f-er is messing with me.   Don't know why I feel the need to argue with a ghost but I do.  Again I command it to leave and that I'm not afraid.   It finally dissapears,  hubbie comes back and I tell him the room is haunted.  He dose not believe me.   Next morning after I wake, husband (Chip) tells me that after I fell asleep, he kept hearing someone running very loudly outside our room and it sounded like it was on the level above.  Aggravated,  he went outside several times to see who it was but could never see anyone.  More importantly, there was no level above us and my new hiking boots were gone.  True story.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Glitterfest video!

The beautiful Christine Rose Elle from Dolly Belles Peep show interviewed a few of us at GF.  Check it out! See christines blog for more glamour girl vids and posts

Monday, October 17, 2011

Post GF & new classes

Thanks to all my friends and students that stopped by my booth on Saturday.  It was a crazy fun filled day and thank you to Kim for coming and helping at the last minute! 

I wanted to give a heads up for two classes I'll be teaching this weekend at the Bead Gallery in San Diego.  You need to call asap to reserve your seat 858-831-9190.  Saturday: Full of Grace~A soldered reliquary, 11-4:30 and Sunday: Eclectic beaded beads 11-1:30.  See

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting ready for glitterfest!