Sunday, June 28, 2009

Say,Say oh playmate...part deux


My playmate from the last post morphed into this assemblage. It was very,very fun putting it together and I am thinking of listing in my Etsy store but not sure how much to charge. In any case I have plans and ideas for more.

My flea market friend Karen and I went to our local flea today. OMG I have to stop! There is just too many temptations! Yesterday I had my reliquary class and all my students finished their project! I did a lot of prep work ahead so that they could and it worked. One of my students took pictures so I'm hoping she'll email them.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Say,Say oh playmate...

My new play mate
Flea Market finds~ LOVE EM'

Cuff Experiment
Say say oh playmate (sing with me)
come out and play with me,
and bring your dolly 3
climb up my apple tree
slide down my rainbow (I can't hear you!)
into my cellar door
and we'll be jolly friends
for ever, more more more more more!

I bought a new book called Exhibition 36~Mixed Media Demonstrations and Explorations by Susan Tuttle. I don't buy books very often or magazines for that matter since I have so many but I liked this book because it had lots of contributors in all different mediums. My favorite artist and probably the reason I finally bought the book was JoAnnA Pierotti. I was smitten with her dolls and how free she is with her art. I couldn't wait to get into my studio and start painting on old dolls and doll heads and soldering. The Charlotte all dolled up is one of my new playmates inspired by JoAnna. Since I am teaching a reliquary class this Saturday at Piecemakers (seats still available) she will be another sample for the class.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sirene de la mer

It has been a while since I made a crown. I had a lot of fun making this one experimenting with some new clays and and structure. I may be teaching it....stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

catch up...

I went on a womens retreat this weekend in Joshua Tree national park. I use to do these retreats years ago and it was so wonderful to re connect with all my gal pals. We saw lots of wild life (rattle snake by the out house), a desert tortoise ?, some other kind of yellow snake, strange looking lizards, coyotes...yep we were out in the boonies and it was hot to boot. But it sure was enlightening and so good to connect with like minded, strong and artistic women. Thanks RA and Anne!

These pieces are up for sale in my ETSY store, except for the cross. My cat, Magic, is such a brat. As you can see he was attacking my necklace while I was trying to shoot. The other picture is a kit I put together for Dawn in Minnesota. Thanks Dawn! Well I have to go create. Just purchased some apoxie clay and am bursting with ideas!