Friday, January 24, 2014

New dolly tassel..

Can't get enough of these antique dolls.  She will be part of my 2014 class schedule.  If you want to take this class let me know and I'll put you on my email list.  I'm shooting for Feb.9 in Newport Beach.   More to come!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Feb.1 class..questions...?

The class at Piecemakers Feb.1 still has room and some of you expressed interest and said their website didn't have it up but you have to click the class section once your in their website and download a PDF file.  My class is listed under "beaded treasures".  Sorry for that but it's how they do it.   I've embedded the info here so I hope that helps.  If your interested in taking the class just call Piecemakers to sign up. 714-641-3112.  Hope to see you there it's a fun class!
Ritual Adornment~Repurposing Old and New Jewelry into Wearable Art
by Robin Dudley-Howes
Feb. 1, 2014
Teacher fee $80 includes lunch and tube bead supplies
Level: all

With over 17 years of jewelry making experience, Robin will show you the HOW's and WHY's of designing a one of a kind mixed media necklace.   She is known for teaching her students creativity so bring in a hand full of trinkets and treasures to create a piece you'll be proud to wear.  Robin will teach her tube bead (as seen in Jewelry Affaire magazine), a focal woven wire pendant as well as several techniques to attach odd items like crystals and buttons.  Feel free to bring some of your own old broken jewelry (maybe from grandmas stash) as we explore new territory!

Supply list:

Jewelers pliers~ chain nose, small and large round nose, wire cutters. DO NOT BRING PLIERS WITH TEETH.
18 and 20 gauge wire in any OR all of the following (5 or more feet each):
Sterling silver, german silver, brass, copper, annealed steel (has a tendency to rust)
A piece of suede or felt to work on
consider bringing these:  pearls, broken rosary, button, chandelier crystals, a couple charms and beads
Robin will have an eclectic stash of jewelry odds and ends to purchase as well.

Optional: steel bench block, chasing hammer
Teacher will bring tubes, lace, vintage paper, drill, metal hole puncher, large files and handouts.