Monday, October 20, 2014

Cute little bottles, great gifts!

Come to the Folk Artist in Huntington Beach this Sunday Oct. 26 and learn some fun techniques to alter bottles including wax application, painting, composition and my secret to the 7 items you will always need for a successful altered art bottle!   Scroll down for all the class info, some samples of what you can expect to make and click the link above to sign up!  Oh!  And if you want to come with me after class to the famous Rogers Gardens to check out their Christmas and Halloween displays your welcome to join!

Sign up HERE
The folk artist
 9594 Hamilton Ave
Huntington Beach,CA

Sunday Oct.26, 2014


$75 includes instruction and one kit which is very minimal: one bottle, fibers, wax, rusted metal and chain.  PLEASE bring a shoe box (literally) full of old stuff to add to your bottle.  Use the pictures above to get ideas.

Friday, October 10, 2014

GIVEAWAY! Win my raffle prize at Glitterest!

Okay here are a few more new pieces for sale tomarrow!  Hope you can make it to Glitterfest at the Business Expo in Anaheim.  Click the link for addie and info.

If you are coming you'll have a chance to win one of several awesome raffles including one of these soldered bottles!   Good luck!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Glitterfest and Chorizo

So I woke up yesterday morning realizing I only had 8 days to finish all the projects I had started for Glitterfest and a huge lump of heart pounding adrenalin pumped me up and off I went, into the studio with a goal to at least finish most all them by this Friday or Saturday and maybe start some new ones to finish next week.  Here are some pictures of things I have finished.  I'm pretty excited because for this show I mostly concentrated on assemblages, altered art and art dolls and I'm really loving them. 

Do you love chorizo but don't eat it anymore because it's not good for you?  Well I have a yummy substitute!  Trader Joes has a soy chorizo and it tastes just like the real deal minus the "mystery" meat and grease, not to mention way fewer calories!  I was surprised at how delicious it was so if you live in So.Cal or the west coast check it out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Glitterfest is coming!

I've been a busy bee, creating new jewelry and assemblages and art dolls and collages in my studio.  Getting ready for my most well attended  and well loved art show GLITTERFEST!  There's something about having deadlines that really put me into high gear.   Here is a picture of my eclectic wraps that always sell out.  I make them when I'm winding down at night...always doing something with my hands even when I'm tired!  If you would like to buy one of your own I can make a custom one in any color(s) that you like.  They can be wrapped around your wrist 5-6 times or worn as a necklace, $47 includes domestic shipping.  Contact me via email or leave a message on this post.  Also, FYI,  I will be teaching these wraps as an online class through thetroddenpath 
sometime soon!

I recently made a shorter version for my friend as a necklace with a meteorite she wanted me to use. 
More new eye candy to come!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September workshops!

You deserve time to yourself to create and make art!  I invite you to come play with me at 1,2 or 3 workshops this September!  

First workshop of September is something I am soooo excited first mixed media painting class!!  I hope the word "painting' dose not discourage you.  If you have ever taken a class from me you know that there is no such thing as a stupid question and definitely no vocabulary for "I can't paint'".  non-sense I say!  Come see what all the buz is about and take a class with'll see.   Sept. 13th, 1-5pm, $70.   Here are some new samples, fresh out of the studio and as you can see, quite different and diverse.  I'll show you at least 5 methods I have devised to demistify mixed media painting.  Intuitive or planned!  Click HERE to sign up.

Next up is a 2 day extravaganza at Bobbie Takashimas art studio, National City Ca.  (San Diego).  Sept. 26 & 27.   These have been extremely popular classes for me this year and will probably retire soon so take advantage of them while you can!   For all the specifics and to to sign up  click HERE

Thanks for all our support!

Monday, September 1, 2014


We all love to win things right? Here is a chance to win one of the latest issues of Stampingtons' Fall publications including the Fall issue of Art Doll Quarterly that has an article on my Anthropomorphic cage dolls in in!  Just click here to win one of the many publications!  Good luck!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Did you see this?

Check out the newest Fall issue of Art Doll Quarterly for my how to article on these anthropomorphic cage dolls!  Enjoy!

AND....if you want to take a class and learn my style of collage painting (NO experience necessary, REALLY!) then come join the fun Sept.13th in Huntington Beach,CA  at:

 The Folk Artist 




click the link above to sign up or call the owner CT at 949-294-1496 
It's a small painting and doable in one day.  You'll leave with a finished painting and will LOVE this process!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

2 reasons to visit San Diego PLUS student testimonials!


YOU DESERVE A GET AWAY!  (even if you live in San Diego!)  BRING YOUR BFF TOO!!

 Hello creative ones...I wanted to give you a heads up on this 2 day workshop that I will be conducting as a guest instructor at Bobbie Takashima's art studio in National City (a city in San Diego)!  You will LOVE both of these popular classes.   Sign up NOW!

You don't need to know how to solder or make jewelry....that's my job to show you how!  Keep scrolling down to see REAL student testimonials of my classes!  Sign up now:  619-474-0898

 I prepare the kits so well that you are guaranteed to finish your projects AND leave with pockets and aprons full of techniques!   Most everything you need to make these amazing projects are included in your well thought out kits!!!!!! scroll down for pictures of the classes.

Here is the SHORT version of the deets;

date:  September 27 & 28th 2014

time: 10-4 and 10-5 respectively

Price:  Both workshops including kits, snacks and beverages and a WHOLE lot of individual attention: $260.  Check it all out HERE

OR $115 per day plus kit fees (different for both days $10-$25)

(Discount of $15 if you sign up for both days)


Scroll down if your still interested:

DAY 1:  So Kitschy It's Chic Faux Mercury Bottle class!!

“So Kitschy It’s Chic” soldered Mercury bottle!
As a kid I watched I Dream of Jeanie and always wished I could shrink myself into a puff of smoke and follow her into her magic bottle… didn’t you?    With all the velvet pillows and plush architecture how fun would that be?   Well, in this class we can make our own version of a magic bottle complete with contemporary techniques!  I will demonstrate a quick and easy way to score and break a bottle and how to make your bottle look like an ancient relic with a faux mercury glass technique.   Add some kitschy elements to your diorama and close it with solder to make a one of a kind dreamland!   Because this project is only limited to your imagination there will be two kinds of kits depending on what you want to put inside the bottle.  

 The $10 kit will only have one pre cut, clean, clear bottle and copper foil tape so that you can add whatever want.
The $20  kit will be have items to make the French version of the sample and have one clean, clear ,pre cut bottle, copper foil tape, die cut metal Eiffel tower, vintage lace, millinery, rhinestone pieces for the inside, glitter, pearls and mica. 
Your kit fees also include the use of the mirror glass paint, some extra soldering supplies, glues , wire and other ephemera.
***PLEASE NOTE your kits will have the basic materials but the samples have one of kind items that will not be included like any of the statues or outside elements such as old jewelry pieces, door knobs or light bulbs.  Bring any items you like to add to the inside that are no longer than 5 inches and no wider than 2.5 inches.  I will have a few items for sale in addition to add as a decorative topper but consider bringing your own similar to the samples:  small vintage glass drawer pulls,  vintage car light bulbs etc.  Just make sure they are not too heavy or large.  Please bring the following:

Material List:
~Soldering equipment (soldering iron, stand, sponge, lead free solder, fire proof surface).  Contact me at least 2 weeks ahead of class if you do not have this equipment
 Sign up HERE

 Day  2: Vixen Soldered Pendant

Resin and Soldered Vixen pendant
Learn metal smithing without the fire and resin application with out the wait!   Starting with a pre-cut pendant and bezel we will explore flooding and texturing melted solder, bezel attachments and UV resin techniques for paper without bleed through using a UV light.  In addition she will demonstrate how to make your own bezel, eyelet setting, drilling dice and if time permits wire wrapping for the necklace.  As always Robin provides well thought out, well prepared kits so you can enjoy the process.   She will also have lots of extra supplies, jewelry findings, UV resin and UV lamps for sale.  Your kits will have metal sheet, eyelets, copper foil tape, rhinestone chain, beads, pre made bezel, images, 1 vintage die and milagro, head pins and some beautiful picasso finish Czech beads.  You will also have access to the UV resin, UV lamp and various extra materials and supplies to finish your pendant included in your kit fee.   This class is for the pendant only however if time permits we can go over necklace techniques.  Please bring the following tools:

~soldering iron and coiled holder with sponge or similar, lead free solder,  fire proof surface, hemostats and/or crosslock tweezers.  If you have never soldered before and need equipment please contact me at least 2 weeks ahead of class or sooner to discuss my recommendations or to rent my equipment.

~ hammer (for forging), steel bench block & small eyelet setter if you have one
~dremel to drill hole in dice if you have one
~small metal hole punch and jewelry files (if you have them)
~jewelry pliers-chain nose, round nose, wire cutters
~metal shears to cut the base
~beads for the necklace and wire for wrapping the beads
                           questions? or leave a comment on this post.

Sign up HERE 

************************Student Testimonials*******************************
Josie H. from Orange County,CA says:
"Robin Dudley Howes as an educator, creative director is:

Patient: I’ve been taking classes with Robin for years. She’s never once shown any signs of being annoyed or tired of the same question over and over again. She’s willing to continue to show me/her students how to do something until I’ve/we’ve finally gotten it.

Encouraging: she’s full of encouragement. She wants to be sure that when you’ve taken her class that you are comfortable enough to finish your project at home if you need to. She’s approachable. She lends herself to you if you need her to help you with whatever you are working on. She’s very giving with her time and her products. She’s always sharing products with her students when we haven’t brought the right stuff to class.

Informative: she’s willing to share her sources of where she buys her products from. She is not selfish in any way.  

Robin is a wonderful instructor. It’s no wonder that her classes fill up quickly. I’m very blessed to be able to take the many classes that I do with her because she truly is a terrific, inspiring woman!"

3 words to describe Robin from Yvette D., S.Cal. says:
1)  incredibly organized
2)  innovative
3)  patient

Judy C. from Crestline,CA says:

    "Very friendly and kind.  As a teacher she is very patient and explains over and over if        you ask.  She is reliable and trustworthy"

Barbara P. from Sherman Oaks.Ca says: 

"Robin is extremely positive, patient and very artistic."

Kim L. from Manhattan Beach,CA says:
"I used a couple words to describe some of your best traits.

Funny, unfeigned & sincere

Imaginative & resourceful

Prepared, organized."

Sheryl Simpson. organizer of Glitterfest describes Robin as:
"The little lady with a gypsy heart and the skills of a ninja master!”

Irene Sanchez,Owner and operator of Garden of Beaden Upland says:
I think you know how I feel about you.
        Robin Dudley-Howes she will set you free..
1. You have always encouraged me to stretch my imagination.
I was so excited when I met you in Costa Mesa.
2. I have always said that I can teach a technique, But I truly feel you teach creativity!!!
 Now lastly I hope I can word this right. Before I met you I strove to always do my wire work perfect.
3. You gave me permission to do what I call "a cranky wrap" this term was quoted in Melanie Doermans book "Art of forgotten things". so I guess I love your imperfections!
I miss you and really look forward to working with you again!