Monday, August 17, 2015

Soldering 101 with Robin

After repeated requests, I've decided to have a soldering 101 class at my home Sunday, September 13th!   If you're interested let me me know.  I live in Torrance,CA and will give out the address when you've registered.

We'll go over all the basics to get you started: copper foil tape, sandwiched glass frames, bubble glass and liquid silver embedding.   I have a couple of soldering irons and equipment if you need to borrow or you can bring your own.  If you want to purchase your own soldering iron and/or equipment before class I'll give you the best resources locally in the South Bay or online: email me

TIME: 11-4P
COST: $100 includes instruction, food and materials.  
**Please bring your soldering equipment if you have it and jewelry pliers & wire cutters

Cost for the all day class is $100 which includes a light lunch and materials to make 3 charms.  If you need to use my soldering equipment there is a $5 fee and you need to contact me to reserve one ahead of time.

 Seating is limited to 8 students.  This is a process oriented course where you'll make at least 3 charms.    Here are some pictures for inspiration:


Monday, July 20, 2015

Next up.....

I'm teaching this VERY popular crochet wrap bracelet in Tustin,CA at Vintage Bloom, Saturday Aug.8.  

Contact Vintage Bloom to sign up or call 714-273-4096. 

 If you have questions let me know  Scroll down for all the info and for lots of pictures!

Here are the deets:

Vintage Bloom
2640 Walnut Ave
Tustin CA
August 8, 2015
Class fee $95 includes all supplies and tools, even a crochet hook!  Please bring scissors to cut thread.

On trend and so boho chic, learn Robin’s method to make these stylish crochet beaded wraps, NO crochet experience necessary!   These fun pieces can be wrapped several times around the wrist or be worn as a necklace.  Class fee includes crochet cord, one crochet hook and one kit with a selection of 5 different colors to choose from, and just so you know these kits are awesome and are carefully prepared with the kind of beads and charms I would personally use.   Each kit has a mixture of vintage, antique and new beads that include a beautiful balance of metal, semi precious stone, cut class or crystal, pearls, odd vintage pieces, mother of pearl buttons and what ever else seems to go with the kit.     No materials are required so just come and have fun and bring your friends……. you’re going to LOVE making these!  Contact Robin for questions:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Starfish Bracelet UPDATE

Hello creative ones!  I am going to teach this class one more time so sign up while you can!  It's my starfish bracelet and I'll be teaching it at my home in Torrance,CA  Sunday, July 19, not in Huntington Beach as previously stated.  Class fee includes EVERYTHING except tools:   Here's the info and pictures:


July 19 Robin Dudley Howes Starfish Bracelet

By Robin Dudley-Howes
11-4p (give or take an hour)
Sunday ,July 19, 2015
$105 includes all materials except tools
Torrance, CA (addie will be given at time of registration)
All levels
Robin is going to teach another fun workshop at her home in Torrance,CA!  Learn how to make this amazing bracelet complete with the soldered starfish centerpiece and fun innovative wire wrapping techniques!
Everyone should walk out of class with a unique bracelet. Class fee includes everything you’ll need to make the bracelet (except tools). Some items may differ from picture but will be equally as dazzling! Please bring the following:
-Soldering iron with coiled stand and sponge. NOTE: soldering iron must have ¼
inch bevel tip. Cone shaped tips will not work.
-lead free solder (wire solder is too thin, bring the thick solder)
-cross lock tweezers and/or hemostats
-fire proof surface (small fire brick or small tile)
-Jewelry pliers: small round nose, chain nose and wire cutter, (optional bailing wire pliers)

For lunch, let’s do a little potluck. You don’t need to bring a huge meal….finger foods, snacks, salads, fruit etc. should suffice.

All payments are made directly to Robin and must be paid in advance to secure your seat.
You can pay 3 ways:
1. paypal (see above to pay via paypal button)
2. check
3. credit card- call Robin 310-346-3275 to process
Please bring the tools that are listed above and contact Robin if you have questions:

Friday, May 22, 2015

It's Official!

NO, I'm not prego but it sure feels like I've given birth!  Birth to my new online course...
  You are officially invited!
 Registration is now open!
 Here is the nitty gritty



        Sign up for Whimsical Tiara's and Regal Crowns online class 

     I have enjoyed teaching mixed media jewelry and art classes for over 15 years from the intimate spaces and homes of close friends to large national art retreats and over the years I have had several requests to teach online classes so after persistent research into proper lighting, sound and cameras and hours of filming I bring to you my very first online class!   I'm very excited and a little nervous to be honest but I think you'll enjoy what I have in store for you!
  Here is what you can expect from taking this course:

~My innovative techniques to make over 8 styles of crowns using recycled metal, decorative banding and supplies from a local hardware

~Simple soldering techniques & soldering for beginners

~2 styles of tiaras using wire and beads and bling

~Micro Mosaics

~Wire wrapping

~Painting and distressing Metal

~Clever embellishments with jewelry findings & ephemera

~Metal Stamping & embossing

~Facebook group to share projects & progress

In addition to all the amazing techniques available only in this series of videos I am happy to give you more with some added BONUSES!!!
Metal stamped banner with PDF template to add to your crowns, Sealing & protecting metal, patina applications, how to paint doll faces in my style
~PDF's of crown templates

Come join our wonderful student group where you're invited to access the classroom, view other students work and chat about your process.   Once you sign up you will be sent an invitation via email using your paypal email. Some supplies will be available in my online store as kits or bought separately and some supplies can be picked up at your local hardware store.  Resources will be given for specific tools. The course will be good for 3 years from time of purchase and will be split into 3 weeks.  There are no refunds once we've received payment.  You must have high speed internet to view so please do not buy if that is the case.  At this time I do not have DVD's but may in the future.

Santos Crowns from scratch, doll crowns,soldering basics

Week Two
Dolly Tiara and Simple Tiara

Week 3
Regal Crowns (small and large), shabby white crown


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Friday, May 1, 2015


I've been a busy girl video taping my new online classes for crowns and tiaras!  Take a peek:

If you want to be on the "early" launch list for a special discount contact me here or email me  I'm hoping to finish editing soon and have it ready by mid/late May!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

day 1

Click this link to see my first project:

#100daysofrobinsquares  #the100dayproject


 Click the link below to see my 1st project for the challenge and stay tuned for some little free tutorials on the process on some of my squares!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Want to PLAY?????


What Is the 100-Day Project? It’s a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the 100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process.
How Can I Play? It’s simple. Follow these steps to participate:
  1. Sign up for #The100DayProject newsletter for important announcements prior to and throughout the project.
  2. Follow Elle Luna and The Great Discontent on Instagram for project announcements, updates, and highlights.
  3. Choose your action, which you will perform every day for 100 days starting on Monday, April 6th, and ending on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.
  4. Create an Instagram account if you don’t already have one (this is where you’ll share your photos).
  5. Select a unique hashtag for your project so all your instances of 100 can be viewed in one place. Include the hashtag with each of your posts (i.e. #100Daysof____ ).
  6. Announce your project on Instagram. Download an image and post it on Instagram, along with your project’s unique hashtag, to announce your project before April 6th.
  7. On April 6th, begin! Share each instance of 100 on Instagram and include your unique hashtag and the official projects hashtag, #The100DayProject, so everyone can follow along. (Note: If you find this after the 4/6 start date, you can still join in and catch up or finish later.)
What should I do for my project? We’ve put together a few questions to help you get started.
  1. What are you passionate about? Is there something you used to do that you gave up, something you’d like to explore, something that intrigues you?
  2. Pick an object or objects. What do you already have in your possession that could be used to facilitate this project? it could be as obvious as paint and paintbrushes, a camera, fabric and a sewing machine, or a musical instrument. Or it could be less obvious, like your great dance moves, paint chips, a wooden chair, or strangers.
  3. Consider your location. Will you be home, traveling, or a combination of both? Pick something that’s feasible for you to complete.
  4. Choose your action. What’s your verb? Here are a few to get you thinking:

    stand, speak, drive, study, drop, act, remove, repeat, examine, replace, introduce, perform, jump, pass, test, roll, kick, run, cook, thank, place, pick, save, throw, cover, shake, count, dance, break, walk, form, deliver, show, raise, reach, catch, sing, sort, develop, measure, discuss, draw, dress, write, meet, climb, take, look, climb, wish, shout, wash, decide

Monday, March 30, 2015

oldie but goodie!

I have been requested to teach this oldie but goodie treasure charms bracelet April 11 at French General  in Los Angeles,  10-4p,  $110.   Sign up now as we are almost full!  Learn TONS of techniques to make this awesome conversation piece and make it you own by bringing your own treasures!