Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post Glitterfest & Updates

WOW! What a crazy day Glitterfest was and way too much fun!  The patrons were lined up before the doors opened and when the flood gates separated it was 3 1/2  hours of non stop, wall to wall, table to table bliss!  It thinned out around 1:30 and was semi normal.....unfortunately there was a THIEF amongst the crowd and he or she stole one of my newest crosses that I spent hours creating and will never have another exactly like it.  If you see some one wearing or selling a large 4 inch brass cross that has a key layered on top with the letters "peace" stamped into it, layered onto another black cross LET ME KNOW!  The cross has 2 tiny and one larger religious medals hanging from it.  It's on a very long beaded chain with black and torquoise crystals.  It is also signed by me on the back of the cross with the initials RDH, actually stamped.   I think its really stupid on a cosmic level to steal a cross!  BAD KARMA WILL COME TO THE IDIOT WHO STOLE FROM EVERYONE!   I wasn't the only one who had merchandise stolen.  Several others did too.  It won't stop me from going again because it's such a great fact it's the best show I have ever done with the best organizers and artists around!  A BIG THANK YOU TO SHERYL AND ALL THE ORGANIZERS AND HELPERS FOR GLITTERFEST!  Also a big thank you to my pal Karen.  I wouldn't have been able to manage my booth without her.  Check out her blog and etsy!  She sells really cute vignettes of vintage findings, cool banners (custom too) and some other hand made goodies.  She is also unofficially one of my "reps" and is always promoting me.   I can't wait till  the next Glitterfest, Oct.2.  The theme will be for Halloween and Christmas!  I also want to thank ALL of my students and friends who came by my booth, gave me hugs, bought stuff and wore jewelry they made in my classes!!!  That is the best endorsement ever!  I felt so loved!!

Okay so now I am a little more rested and wanted to update you on classes.  I have listed all the new summer and a few fall classes on the right.   Just click and you will be transported to the appropriate site to sign up.  There are some brand new classes as well as old favorites.  June is a little tricky because I scheduled classes at new venues which is  always a little risky.  Here are some pictures for the June,July, Aug.,Sept classes and locations:

JUNE 5- Piecemakers Costa Mesa CA
JUNE  13- Bead Gallery San Diego,CA
JUNE  26,  Harmony Works, Redondo Beach CA
AUGUST 7, Garden of Beaden Upland CA

TREASURE HUNT TASSEL, June 19 Irvine Ca.private residence. Email me to sign up.  $55 10-4p


June 12, Bead Gallery San Diego,CA

August 21, Garden of Beaden Upland CA


June 11, Bead Gallery San Diego

July 10, Piecemakers Costa Mesa CA
July 31 Garden of Beaden Upland CA

July 17, Garden of Beaden Upland CA

5's A CHARM-Soldering 101
July 24 Gilding the Lily, Fullerton CA

August 14 Piecemakers, Costa Mesa C
FULL OF GRACE~ A soldered reliquary
August 28, Gilding the Lily
This class is EXCLUSIVE to the lily and will not be taught anywhere else for at least a year!

September 11, Piecemakers Costa Mesa Ca


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Who the hell STEALS a RELIGIOUS article??? What a creep.

I wish I were closer - I would just love to take the treasure hunt and the reliquary classes!

All of them look just terrific!

Sorry you had a thief - hope everything else was delightful for you.

Gwynnie B Designs said...

Robin, your booth and all your jewels glitter just like you!! You're quite the Renaissance Woman :)

It's always heartbreaking when theft is involved with such beauty. I'm glad the event went well overall, and you had so much love pouring to you.


Kim L said...

WOW girl! Look at all the fun classes you got goin. Hope I can leave corporate soon and return to the fun art world.

You said it all Robin, KARMA!! I know something wonderful will come your way to replace what was taken. Kim

chrissy said...

dear robin
i am sick about your cross
that dirty rotten scoundrel
stealing a CROSS?
i am glad that it didn.t taint your love for glitterfest.
i REALLY wanted to show up and surprise you but it might have to be in october.
i wish wish wish i could come take some of your classes.
missing you dear roomy
huge hugs.

JoAnn said...

I believe in KARMA! I’m right there with you, my two pieces that were stolen weren’t religious pieces, but my heart & soul went into creating them, and they were one of a kind. It’s just beyond me why anyone would steal anything – they obviously don’t get it!! It’s disheartening I know, but good things will come our way I know it.

On another note, look at all the workshops you are teaching, awesome! You rock girl!
I think I’m going to have to take another one soon, it’s been a while, I’m due.
See you soon - xo - JoAnn

Denise Yezbak Moore said...

Hi Robin
I attended Glitterfest last Saturday. I am planning on submitting an application to sell. My first thought when walking through the jam packed room was "I bet a lot of stuff is getting stolen". I am so sorry to hear that it actually happened. I think maybe the show should be moved to a bigger venue.

Karma is a bitch! I will keep my eyes peeled for your necklace since I live in the O.C..

Maija said...

I loved seeing you Robin, and it was so great to meet Karen in real life!

Riki Schumacher said...

How disappointing Robin, I am so sorry. I had ALL my summer inventory stolen by rotten people on my trip home, up north, last spring. It is devastating. Glad Glitterfest went well, and your upcoming classes look fabulous. Wish I could take them all! Have fun. Big hug, Riki

Beth Nicholls said...

Robin your work is so gorgeous. I can't believe someone would steal from you, especially something so clearly made with a lot of time and love.
Would love to join one of your classes one day

Louise Gale said...

Hey, your booth and gorgeous pieces are wonderful. I'm so sorry something was stolen, how awful, but yes bad karma for that terrible person thats out there somewhere. All your classes look fab too, wish i lived closer. :-)

Stacey Steimle said...

Ok, yes I LOVE cupcakes and I did bring a couple home!! Glitterfest was spectacular and the crowd was fantastic! Looking forward to the Fall Extravaganza.

Dianna said...

Robin, I'm so glad that it was a good show but sorry to hear about the stolen cross; what kind of person does that!

I love the photos of your new classes. I'm seriously thinking about that last necklace, the September class at Piecemakers. That piece looks really interesting and fun to make.

I hope I'll see you before then but if not have a great summer!

juliehayman said...

If your classes are nearly as inspiring as your playlist, then sign me up!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Dear Robin (Greatest teacher!!!):
Sad that someone would take advantage of a venue like Glitterfest to do something so ugly!!! Maybe they were over come with the love for your work? What mean spirit would do something like that?
I know your booth was off the hook!!!
I hope one day to be able to come to your classes again. You are 1 hell of a super teacher!!!
Big Hugs