Sunday, October 18, 2009

what day is it?

I didn't post shame on me but I barely had enough time to breath the last two days.  Today, Sunday (Oct.18) will be the 7th day of the 29 day gift challenge and while I didn't do anything especially giving  the last two days I do have another 3 images  (do you see a theme?)to give my blog peeps and in case you haven't looked here is another great link for cheap fun ephemera:


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin

I think you "gifted" a lot yesterday in the class you taught . You lent me your sacred ;-) pliers all day
so I could get my necklace together ... felt like a gift to me !

You spent time with each of us yesterday going over the same things to make sure we all "got" it . I know we paid for the teaching but I think we got a lot more . Sharing information, tips, insight , attention , your experience ..... for a "newbie" like me it makes for a Gifted Experience :-)

So I think you gave two days worth on Sat .!!!!!

Thanx for a great class!!!

Kat Parke

Elsa said...

you inspired me to 'gift'! gave a fellow 3 $3 coins I had in my change purse (cause he asked for change) and, here in Portland, when you get gas there's a gas station attendant that pumps the gas. Gave him a tip (don't usually do that). So thank you for the exercise in giving. Don't always think I'll be giving money, maybe my time or something else ... thanks for the inspiration! you are a jewel!