Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Tassel For Finn

This is a tassel I made for a commission. My friend's cat recently died and she wanted to make a memorial to him in the form of a tassel. She is a belly dancer so I used some vintage middle eastern findings and even took a tassel made of wool that was probably used for decorating a camel and took it apart to make new tendrils. I had her make some postage stamps of her cat so I could use the images and solder them into a charm. Some of the tendrils I felted myself with wool roving.


Anonymous said...

OMG!...your artistry is amazing, Robin! This piece is gorgeous and sooo original..I'm sure your friend will love it!..what a nice way to remember..
Also, your artistry in the wiring
is exceptional...i am in the throes of making my Frozen Charlotte necklace today!...
no wired parts tho! thats a skill i have yet to learn..
I'll post a pic on my blog when i have it finished!
Glad to see you back!...gypsy (jean)

icandy... said...

Beautiful remembrance! Looks wonderful!

Christina :)

Denise said...

Talent gone to seed! Beautiful !

Recycled Rita said...

This is awesome Robin! I love the little lumpies on the frame around Finn! karen...

Steph said...

Woww what a beautiful tribute!

Maija said...

That tassel is so fabulous!! What a nice idea. I just read your last several posts and I am overwhelmed by all your icredible work!! Delicious!!!

Narrative jewelry said...

Beautiful work for a nice way to remember. Not sad.

Thank you so so much for your comments on my jewelry. I am very proud.

I just discover your blog this week(shame on me...).
Your work is so beautiful, inventive and inspiring. I saw that we have in common, chains, old coins, wire wrapped beads and soldering. But i just begin to solder, don't you want to come here in France and have a workshop ???

A bientôt,



carole said...

Hi Robin:
Exquisite to say the least!!!
Sorry (for me) I will NOT be able to make it to your work shop tomorrow
: (
You are talented and know how to give us the skills to create too!!!
I love the memorial tassel you created for the cat; how special he is.
peace & hugs

Art4Sol said...

This is wonderful! A great remembrance.

linnea-maria said...

What an amazing work of art! so clever and beautiful. /linnea-maria