Monday, July 13, 2009

Students work & The Shepherdess

top left to right:Diane,Lisa,Amy,Margie,Pam Nancy
bottom left to right: Kim, Valerie
Kims killer necklace
Amy's amazing necklace~love the hand made head pin hooks
Another pic of Amy's amazing necklace
Valeries vivacious soldered bottle
more vivacious valerie~mini shrine
Margies monumental creation
Margie in purple~ she's a hoot....can you tell? Amy in the background~inspecting her work
Pam's phenomenal collection of patinaed charms~ready to assemble
Amy diligently working away
Amy and Kim~2nd day of class
My sample next to Kim's ready for assembly~ The sample was worn by a couple students during the class
Lisa's lovely work space
Dynamite Diane putting it all together
Okay, I'm back from San Diego. What a great group of gals! Cooky (the owner of the Shepherdess) is as sweet a host as they come, professional, organized and very talented herself. In fact all the Shepherdess peeps and students are talented. There were 3 instructors (Amy,Margie and Nancy) in my class who teach at the Shepherdess all talented in their own right and very humble. Their talents have no bounds and range from fiber art, PMC, jewelry design and construction, beading, fusing and metal smithing (I hope I got it all). Amy and Margie were kind enough to show me how to use my creme brule' torch which I had bought several months ago and never used because of my fear of fire! Then there was Valerie, an interior designer, who had an amazing imagination and original ideas for her soldered treasure necklace and whom I had taken a class with the Australian artist Keith Loboe. Kim...always brings treats for everyone and is such a sweetheart! She is on a mission to learn jewelry making and I am honored to be on her list of teachers. Next weekend at Gilding the Lily will be her 3rd class with me (she only started a couple months ago) and then she's off to learn w/Sally Jean. Lisa came all the way from Phoenix to learn with sure is validating to have that kind of commitment. Diane didn't mess around! She won the prize for making the most charms and she had the coolest ephemera! Pam is an aspiring actress and model and had lots of questions which is always good in a class situation.

My goal was to have every student finish their necklace and most did. I hope you enjoy the photos. In the mean time stay tuned for future classes with me at the Shepherdess and their stellar line up of teachers near and far. If you go to their website you can get on the email list.

Here is a link to another student that just finished her treasure necklace: wickerpatio.
She drove down from central california to take a class with me at Gilding the Lily about 2 months ago and is such a sweet heart. She also gave me some tiny vintage velvet flowers that I love using in my art.

If any of the students from this class see this post, I would love to hear your feedback!


LiLi M. said...

You must have a fab time, too bad you don't tour around here!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

looks like a lot of fun - and all the work is just delightful!

Denise said...

My gosh.... what a fun time.... I did enjoy the pictures...... the items were lovely but the faces were priceless...... Laughter.... it is good for the soul......

Glad you had such a good time....

sarah said...

that looks like so much fun! and wonderful results

Kim L said...

Robin you are such a patient and inspirational teacher! I learned sooo much and had a fantastic weekend. Hi classmates! Hope you are getting as many compliments on your pieces as I am.

Abi said...

Hi, I absolutely love your work especially the art doll bottles! I added one to an Etsy Treasury. I sent you a link via Etsy.
Regards Abi

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What a fantastic course! I wish there was such a course near to where I live. It looks like a lot of fun and what beautiful things have been made.
Isabelle x

Amy said...

Robin: I had such a great time in your class! I love-love-love my necklace and still have 4-5 charms for another one! You are an awesome teacher and we were so lucky to host you at The Shepherdess. Looking forward to your future classes - Amy

Lisa Loria said...

Robin...I LOVED the class today, thanks so much for your tutelage.
Very much looking forward to the next class. I want to know how much you want for the pink Shrine you had on display today? I should have asked when I was there, but wasn't sure it was for sale. Thanks again!!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Hi Robin, I got to see Dede's piece she created in your class. Darling!
Love your blog. Thanks for your sweet comments about my dolls. Love your dolls. Hopefully one day we will get to meet.