Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Art Dolls & Charlotte Necklace Class

Woke up this morning, with a wine glass in my hand, who's wine what wine,where the hell did I dine.....oooopss!!!

Let's start over. Woke up this morning and some one that I don't even know added me to some kind of treasury that Etsy has. How fun is that? I tried pasting the link but it didn't work, but if you have a moment you can go HERE ! to see what she posted. Her etsy link is:

Big thank you for everyone who leaves comments!! I LOVE them!

ANDDDDD......there are only 2 seats left for the charlotte necklace listed above this sat. July 18 at GILDING THE LILY in fullerton. I won't be teaching this class for a while.....the supplies have dwindled, but I have another class for Oct.17 using more of the old
dolls and wire work, again at GTL.


Anonymous said...

Your new pieces are so desirable, Robin!...maybe you WERE having a little wine last night! lol!
But i bet these pieces looked
luscious still this morning!
They do to the bottles...your creativity is so wonderful....

Libby Buttons said...

Hi Robin...long time no bad. I love the colors on your blog....very Hungarian gypsy like. I see youve been creating loads of lovelies. The necklace is divine. I raise a glass (of wine of course) to you.
aka "LiBBy BuTTons"

LiLi M. said...

I love everything but especially that first piece with the tattered Charlotte doll. Mm perhaps I should take a glass too or two and imagine that I will going to GTL :-D

Abi said...

Hiya - found you on Etsy when I put Art Dolls in the search box. I belong to an Etsy Team, called ADO - Art Dolls Only.
The link direct to Etsy Treasury is:
You can locate this at the bottom of the treasury page you are featured on (click and copy)
Hope that helps!

icandy... said...

Oh, these dolls are just sooo magical and delightful! You really have such an artistic talent... I'll bet you could make anything look dreamy!!!

Christina! :)

Halo Hill said...

Beautiful! I love every single one of them! I'd love to take a class from you one day. Thank you for stopping by my blog too!


p.s. my blog wallpaper is from "House of 3" online.

Denise said...

Love love love the doll! What a group of great things..... Thanks for sharing.....

TattingChic said...

I love your little charlotte doll necklace! I really want to take that class from you sometime and I hope you offer it again. I want to incorporate some tatting into it somehow and still make it look "chic" with the mixed medium! I think some tatting would look cool inside the little bottle with the doll somehow.

The class photos from your previous post look like a lot of fun!

Congrats on your work being featured in an Etsy treasury! How fabulous is that! :)

Lisa Loria said...

Hi Robin!
I just found you yesterday on Etsy by searching Doll heads...because I just did some doll heads of my own and wondered if there were any out there like mine...than low and behold, your store popped up. Through a series of ClIcKs...I found the Gilded Lily and will be taking your class tomorrow and on the 1st. LOVE your stuff and your music play list! Looking forward to meeting you Tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Lisa Loria..taking your class!..Wow! sure and show us what you did, Lisa!

Recycled Rita said...

Hi Rob!
Loving your new dolls! They are wonderful..but I wouldn't expect anything rock my friend!