Monday, August 11, 2008

UPDATE: art unravelled 2008

Okay, so here are some pretty crappy photos, but you get the drift (click for a larger view). Theyr'e pics of my table with some of my stuff for the shopping extravaganza at Art Unraveled.. The whole event is fun,fun,fun and like a kid coming home from summer camp (never went myself, but I can imagine) you don't want to go home because that means you have to say good bye to the adventures and people you have had the brief pleasure of breathing and living the artful life with...... and say hello to washing dishes, cleaning toilets,taxes and paying bills..ugh! Hey, at least I have a home, right? No complaints.

My classes went VERY well. I had the nicest students. Here's a little shout out to the students since I FORGOT to take pictures (hope I remember all their names, here goes) Maija,
Kelly, Judi,Cecelia,Reva
Carolyn, Shari, Erin,Bea, Gerri, Mary, Dorothy (my crazy MIL),Donne,Mabel and Paula!
If ANY of you have pics from my classes, can you forward them? I'd love to post them. Maija has a couple on her great blog. Also, if I omited someone by wrong or mispelled name, PLEASE let me know.

I also took a class from the crafty chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo. It was called Kamakaze promotion and it was FANTASTIC! She is so sweet and very giving of all her hard, hard work. She's been a crafty chica for over 18 years and has a ton of experience and info. for those of us wanting to bring our art business up several notches. I also took class (second year in a row)from the awesome Susan Lenart-Kazmer.
We learned how to weave hammered wire into a form.. didn't finish mine (it was a 3 hr class), but I will. Only thing is, I have to get over my fear of fire and get a propane torch so I can start annealing wire!

Every time I go to one of these art retreats, I am so exhausted ( in a good way) and spun out when I get home but just like a good work out from the gym, it hurts so good. Any one who has been on the fence, start saving now and go! Speaking of, Teesha Moore just posted the most awesome line up of artists for next years Art Fest,

I am going to Rubios with my daughter. It's our fav fast food place.

I promise to post more am I doing Karen?


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Recycled Rita said...

Much Better! And I see cute Dorky in the background of one of the pics. Glad it was fun! karen....