Thursday, October 2, 2014

Glitterfest and Chorizo

So I woke up yesterday morning realizing I only had 8 days to finish all the projects I had started for Glitterfest and a huge lump of heart pounding adrenalin pumped me up and off I went, into the studio with a goal to at least finish most all them by this Friday or Saturday and maybe start some new ones to finish next week.  Here are some pictures of things I have finished.  I'm pretty excited because for this show I mostly concentrated on assemblages, altered art and art dolls and I'm really loving them. 

Do you love chorizo but don't eat it anymore because it's not good for you?  Well I have a yummy substitute!  Trader Joes has a soy chorizo and it tastes just like the real deal minus the "mystery" meat and grease, not to mention way fewer calories!  I was surprised at how delicious it was so if you live in So.Cal or the west coast check it out!

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JoAnne said...

Love, love, love these! I'm a fan of your style and all your work Robin. Please consider doing some classes on dvd for those of us on the east coast!