Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Glitterfest is coming!

I've been a busy bee, creating new jewelry and assemblages and art dolls and collages in my studio.  Getting ready for my most well attended  and well loved art show GLITTERFEST!  There's something about having deadlines that really put me into high gear.   Here is a picture of my eclectic wraps that always sell out.  I make them when I'm winding down at night...always doing something with my hands even when I'm tired!  If you would like to buy one of your own I can make a custom one in any color(s) that you like.  They can be wrapped around your wrist 5-6 times or worn as a necklace, $47 includes domestic shipping.  Contact me via email or leave a message on this post.  Also, FYI,  I will be teaching these wraps as an online class through thetroddenpath 
sometime soon!

I recently made a shorter version for my friend as a necklace with a meteorite she wanted me to use. 
More new eye candy to come!  Thanks for stopping by!

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