Monday, March 28, 2011

We're Published!

I thought it high time that I tried to get published in a major magazine so I sent in some pics, description and here they are in the newest Stampington publication "Jewelry Affaire".   What's even more fun is that several of my students/friends are in it too!  Here are some little glimpses of their articles as well as mine but to get the full effect there is nothing like the tangible and visual appeal of having the magazine in your hand.  Available in most book, bead and craft stores.   I know for sure Garden of Beaden just got their copies (get them while you can!)and Irene is going to have a little trunk show for Lisa Loria and I in Upland to celebrate the publication on  Friday April 22 from 4-7???  If you love jewelry you will be pleasantly surprised ....Lots of eye candy and "how to" articles (mine included) will not be disappointed!

 I met JoAnn a few years ago at an art retreat in Arizona that I was teaching (Art Unravelled).  She took a class I taught on altered gift boxes with her sweet sis-in-law Rena.  We hit it off immediately and found out we both lived close to each other in S.California.   We would all meet in between classes and meals and talk and laugh.  It was a great time.   We kept in touch here and there and she put together another private class for me to teach wire wrapping for her and her close friends, this time in California.   I'm not the only person she has taken class with obviously as she combines metalsmithing, resin, etching, soldering and cold connection.    She is a full fledge jewelry and mixed media artist now making beautiful rustic pieces with new and vintage findings along with paper and mixed media art.  Her jewelry can be found in several boutiques around the country.  See more here:  Zowee

LISA LORIA!!!  8...YES 8 page spread!!!!

Any body who has had the pleasure of meeting Lisa will be instantly impressed and drawn in by her light and happy spirit.  She's not only an absolute down to earth sweet heart whom I clicked with immediately, she's also a mom (4 kids! super woman in my book), very creative and multi talented artist and painter,  intelligent, funny, oh and yeah she is so pretty!!  We met at Gilding the Lily 2(?) years ago.   I was teaching a class on a really complicated necklace involving soldering and wire work.  It was obvious Lisa new how to do a lot of jewelry construction because she would finish what ever technique I demo'd before any of the other students and considering there was a huge gap in the other students knowledge, she was very patient to say the least.   Next time I saw her was at Glitterfest as a vendor.   We both were first time vendors and have not stopped since (see post below for info on the next, not to miss Glitterfest).    I took a look at her booth and my draw dropped!  This gal is talented!   Mostly known for her "bling babys"in the mixed media world, Lisa can not be pinned to just one artistic endeavor...she really is multi talented and you never now what she will do next, only that it will be spectacular.   Follow her here:  Lisa Loria

 Rita Reade "Mamma Bella Arte"
Rita Reade.  SUCH a cute little thing(a metaphor for Rita)

I have not had the pleasure to talk with Rita all that much....she moves quickly!  We first met at Glitterfest a few shows back and while I haven't had the pleasure of spending a long span of time with her I feel I know her a little just from her blog and now that I will be vending a show she hosts with Christie Repassy in June, I think we'll get to know each other even more.   I love the jewelry, class projects and wood work she posts on her blog and she always has an amazing over the top booth at Glitterfest.   I can tell she is a very hard worker and look forward to June to hang out more.  Most people know her as Mammabella.   See her artful life here:  mammabella

And here's mine!
You've probably seen these a bazillion times if you visit regularly.  I have tutorials available for $8 on my etsy site.  They are a fantastic addition for your jewelry repertoire!  See my etsy here:


A huge thanks to Jewelry Affaire for publishing me and my pals!


Kim L said...

This is soooooo exciting! Very happy for you.

Rita said...

So exciting ah Robin! Thank you so much for having me in your post. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Holly Loves Art said...

Yay and congrats!!! How fun that all you girls are in the same publication. Can't wait to get it.

JoAnn said...

Thank You so much for including me Robin!! This publication is so exquisite, don't you agree! Congrats!

Denise said...

Good for you and congrats! I have been coming here off and on for a few years now and I am HAPPY HAPPY to see this happen for you.......

You have great talent and you deserve to be noticed along with the other gals!

Have a good rest of the week.....

Me! said...

Oh, Robin! I had no idea! How exciting! I am so happy for you! Congratulations! You deserve it! Yay!

Esther said...

Congrats Robin!!!!!!

Lisa Loria said...

Hooray Robin! LOOK WHO IS TALKING! Ms. Multi Talented herself. Thank you for your sweet words about me! GOSH...I have been such a bad blogger this past month. LOVE YOU Sweet Lady! Can't wait to spend more time with you at our next show!

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

I just looked at your pages for the umpteenth time-so Awesome! I have a question-I have used vinyl tubing to make beads, but always struggle with the tubing naturally curving. Am I missing something? Maybe there is tubing that is not sold in coils?
Thank you for sharing your work. If ever you teach in Az I will be there!

Me! said...

Yay, Robin! Where in the owrld have I been!? Under that proverbial rock, I suppose . . . I'm so happy and so excited for you! Congratulations! It's about time!