Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Post Glitterfest & class this Saturday


Well I can't say enough about Glitterfest!  It is THE MOST wonderful show ever and this time there were even more people!  I know!  If you have been to GF it's hard to believe there could have been more people but Sheryl said this was the highest attendance since it's inception.  She has expanded the show outdoors to include the "patio party" with larger ticket items and the weather was perfect!  I sold so many of my new pieces which of course I didn't take pictures of so if you purchase a necklace from me could you send a pic??  Now I wish I had brought my camera but alas, no pictures this time BUT check out some of the other prepared shooters here:

stacey steimle


A big thanks to "KB" for helping me out and my crazy MIL(motherinlaw)!!!

Make sure you can make the next one on OCT.15, 2011.  You WILL be inspired beyond your wildest imagination!

Next up, this Saturday March 26, 2011 at the Garden of Beaden, Upland***10-3p*** $65**** I will be teaching this really cool class on soldering bottles with crystals,  and "rhinestone necklaces".  Sign up here: GOB  ******909-949-7107*******
You won't want to miss this class......I have been teaching every weekend for the last 2 years and I have decided to cut back and do more shows to balance things out!  Take a class while you can!


The Vintage Marketplace *June 3 & 4, 2011*Rainbow Ca.

Known as Chateau de Fleurs "The Vintage Marketplace" is hosted by the dynamic duo Rita Reade and Christie Repassy.  The new location is bigger and in Rainbow Ca., near Fallbrook, 1/2 way between LA and San Diego.  Can't wait!!!



BellaLunaArts said...

I missed seeing all you guys too! But the show I did do, was my best ever for Spring! I'm soooo grateful. Hope to be able to see you sometime soon at GTL or for a play date,got that great riveting thingy right before my show but haven't played much! Anyhow so so nice to hear from you! XO XO Bridgette

JoAnn said...

Hi Robin,
Yes, I agree Glitterfest was a great show!
Funny, I just received my JA issue too, and I noticed your earrings (I love the different combinations) right away :) Thank you for your kind words! Congrats to you too! Of course it's okay, I'm planning on doing the same, if it's okay...I'm just a little slower at posting :)
Thanks again Robin, it was great to see you!