Thursday, September 25, 2008


My obsession with Halloween as been apparent since childhood. I have NEVER not dressed up even if it meant embarrassing myself as an adult. When I was working in an office years ago, I always made sure there was some kind of dress up day for the season and would always decorate my cubicle...when I worked for a bank I was so adamant about everyone dressing up that I single handedly made everyones costume! No one was allowed to go the the Renaissance faire with me if they didn't go in costume excuses..especially since I had plenty for everyone to wear. So of course I have passed this obsession on to my daughter and she LOVES Halloween. We have a large get together every year at my home and the neighborhood kids and parents come to Robin,Chip and Violets house to do their makeup, add extra costume elements and wigs and then we all go out and go trick or treating.

Making projects for my stamp clubs are no different. We always make something to celebrate the season and this is the newest. Most all supplies are from Stampin UP! and I really liked the way it came out. The chandelier stamp is from a new set called "Grand Soiree"..oh I love it! Now as for the brazen hussies....I wanted to give the book a creepy elegant look with a gothic Victorian vibe. The women in the book are from an old postcard and they looked a little surly to me...albeit women of the night....maybe...a perfect tribute! The covers are from an old 1938 English-French dictionary. It's a lot more sparkly in person. Click the pictures for a closer look.

BTW-I have a web site that you can order online supplies from SU! at:



Maija said...

I really love the sparkly cool chandelier!
Halloween sounds like fun at your house!

Recycled Rita said...

Hey!!!! You gave me a great idea!
Instead of the Sassy Stampers, I think we need to be the Brazen Hussy's!!!!! Dont ya think???? I love it! Where did I miss the chandelier stamp???I have been wanting one and even tried to buy one at a stamp store a couple-a months ago! I cant wait for stamp club! You are awesome!
hugs! karen.....

Linda Manning Findley said...

Robin I LOVE this ... from the name to the look it's just awesome .... Linda F