Thursday, May 22, 2008

A glimpse into my messy studio.....

Here are glimpses into my creative controlled chaotic studio. I am very lucky to have one of my own. Let me know if yours' looks like this so I don't feel like the only messy one. My house is pretty clean neat but not my studio. I love going into it and usually light a tart or incense, turn on a book on tape (Harry Potter or The Secret)and start to work....or work is play and I have made it that way.
jewelry in the making
Hanging tassels made and unmade
An Indian tapestry and my grandmas framed Our Lady of Guadalupe handed down to me
my loft to fabric heaven
dia de los muertos, our lady of guad and multiple icon shrine mirror(leads into the bathroom)
oh what a mess..i love it!
new jewelry components in the making
jewelry work stuff
an old polymer clay shrine i made
my what ever/tag/doll/crap table
my jewelry table


Recycled Rita said...

Oh this place is heaven...and smells like heaven!
xoxo karen....

Cindy Dean said...

Love your space. I love the loft area! What fun!

Ingrid said...

An absolute delicious studio. I could spend days looking at all your "stuff". Great blog!

kecia said...

that's your studio? YUMMY! Ok, we need to be best friends!