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                    Whimsical Tiara's & Regal Crowns

     An Online, On Demand Classroom by Robin Dudley-Howes 

   *****Class opens Monday June 22, 2015*****

Whats not to like about something as symbolic as a crown or tiara?  In this online class, Robin is happy to show YOU her methods to make your very own! Over 8 styles & variations of crowns and 2 styles of tiaras are showcased and taught in this much anticipated on-class!  ALL levels welcome!  Whether this is your first time taking an online class or whether you're a seasoned virtual-class-room-taker, Robin will make sure you are taken care of every step of the way as you follow along in her well lit studio with step by step clear instruction using high definition video demonstrating every detail so you can make one or several of your own crowns and tiaras!  Visual close ups are a given so that you won't miss any detail.    



Sheila Tedford Bligh said...

Do I just sent you an email to prepay?

robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Sheila there was no way for me to contact you so if you see this comment you can sign up on my main blog:

pamelahuntington said...
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Margo said...

Hi Robin, I enjoyed your crowns and tiaras class but was unable to find the "junk fairy" banner template shown in your bonus project "Metal Banner" video. It was not on the printable download but maybe you put it somewhere else and I just didn't see it. Would you please send me the template or post it in the class materials? Also, the link to the Facebook Group doesn't work on the class page - is there something I need in order to sign on? Thank you so much!

Karen Lawson said...

Finally got around to making the Santos crown. What fun! Thank you, Robin, for the wonderful instruction.

Lesli Turner said...

I am interested in your classes, but live in south Alabama. I can't find out how to contact you other than commenting on here.