Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This year I was invited to come along to CHA (craft and hobby association) with the Whimzy girls, Diane and Sheryl who also happen to be the hosts of the famous Glitterfest in Santa Ana California.    First let me say that driving in Los Angeles is like playing the lottery in that you never know what to expect so it's best to always leave a little early......you might hit a "sig" alert (very bad situation), you might have a detour (better have gps), you could hit regular traffic or maybe get lucky.  In this situation my drive was smooth sailing........until I excited to HARBOR BLVD!  The same exit for Disneyland.  If Disneyland wasn't there it would have taken me 3 minutes to get to the convention center.    For those who have never been to Disneyland (which is a few blocks from the convention center and where CHA is) it's expected to have some congestion but on this day, on top of regular Disneyland traffic.......a Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon!  REALLY?  ONLY in LA, As if regular congestion isn't enough.  I'm looking around and thinking, something's up......lots of women on the cross walks with sparkly tootoos, groups with funky hats,  glitter everywhere....and knowing I had to get to a certain street in order to make my right hand turn I stayed in the right hand lane where everyone else seemed to need to make a right hand turn and every red light took 10 times longer than it should and Los Angeles drivers are not nice...it's dog eat dog.....You want to change lanes? not a good idea because if you don't you can't get back if you change your mind....unless your "persuasive" like me.......and have a fast little car......it helps to have moxy.   ANYWAY.....I met up with the fun Whimzy sisters and we were off.  I wanted to meet some of my fav artists and product booths:
And I did!  Ran into my gypsy sisters, Janet Schultz and Theresa who are collaborating with me for our next CELEBRATE THE GYPSY IN YOU art retreat (see side bar for info), as well as Nancy Jamar of Gilding the Lily and Dede Warren,  Tim Holtz was demonstrating at the Ranger booth along with another really cool journal artist whose name I did not know (from Britain?),  Susan Lenart Kazmar! loved her booth cause I got to meet Joanna Periotti of Mosshill studio,  Kristen Robinson whose book I was fortunate enough to aquire (LOVE IT!) and the talented Ruth Rae who bought a necklace I had made and was wearing right off of me!  Ee gads!

I'll be back to post more......my power is almost out and I have to sleep!

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chrissy said...

i heard CHA was so great. I have several "artsy" friends who have big booths there every year. So happy you had such a wonderful time.