Sunday, August 15, 2010

church finds for flea market Friday.......well Sunday

I don't do these things often but I have a tad bit of time before I get to work in my studio and as I was surfing blogs and such I came across the lovely Kecia's blog of Lemoncholy Studio.   She does this blog hop to get new people to visit others' blogs.  Great idea.  I just so happen to come across my local Catholic churchs' bargain basement thrift store today on my morning walk and here is what I picked up:

 The next set of pictures were taken and never downloaded from my last trip to the flea in downtown Torrance:

Click the pictures to get a bigger view.  Have a great Sunday!


Louise Gale said...

Love it when you find lovely things at a flea market. :-) Hope all is well honey. You going back to AAJ in Feb? Would be great to see you. xx

kecia said...

robin, you got some great stuff - love the religious, iconic cards! thanks for playing,


Stephani said...

Oh my you have found some beautiful pieces! Keep up the good work!:) It was nice to visit your blog.

chrissy said...

these are most wonderful finds.
i wish i was with you on your flea
loves to you.