Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lily and Nancy in 'da' house!

Romantic Homes magazine has a full 8 page spread on Gilding the Lily in their Oct. issue. For those of you not familiar with GTL it's a romantic boutique located in old town Fullerton,CA filled with vintage millinery, ribbons, buttons, books, ledgers, German glass glitter, crepe paper, rubber stamps,beads, jewelry finding, pearls and oodles of odds and ends. The great thing about it is Nancy, proprietress, is constantly stocking the store with new vintage finds so that every time you go there is something you just can't live with out. She transports her clientele into a more genteel time updating her window displays in enticing vintage visuals from turn of the century wedding gowns, to beach inspired vignettes. Every holiday has a special place somewhere in her boutique that is out of the ordinary.....ALWAYS original and one of a kind.

She was kind enough to list her teachers by name for the myriad classes that lily has been offering and I am so honored to be on that list. She also mentions the positive effect blogs have had not only for her business but women in general for coming together and supporting each other whether it be in business or creativity and I couldn't agree more. Women are the glue (sometimes invisible) that hold everything in life together and in the times we have been facing as a collective, establishments like the Lily are havens for ideas, encouragement, inspiration and hope and I whole heartedly support them, especially women owned business'.

So go buy a copy! There are some other very tasty eye treats and articles to wet your creative appetite. Gilding the Lily has several for sale or you can find them at usual outlets. THANKS NANCY!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Fall/Winter Classes!!!

I have successfully added two new locations for the Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms (see pics on my class blog, side bar). One in Sherman Oaks and the other in Redondo Beach/Lawndale. Several people have wanted me to teach in the valley (San Fernando valley). Well on Oct. 3 a friend of mine, Laurie, is opening her home in Woodland Hills Ca. We need 6 paid students minimum to hold the class. So far we have 4 interested (including her) so if you live in the valley and have been wanting to take that class, call or email me. It's an all day class and cost is $60. The other class will be at my stained glass store in the S.Bay/Redondo Beach area, Sunday Sept. 27 at Allen Kenoyer Glass, 4571 Artesia Blvd Lawndale, 310-379-4211. It's not on their web page YET, but you can still call to rsvp. It will also be held at Peicemakers Nov.14.

The picture above of my Mermaids Cuff will be taught at Piecmakers, Nov.1 and Gilding the Lily November 7. The necklace with the doll is called "Baby Doll Necklace~Circa 1860" and is currently only being taught at Gilding the Lily, Saturday Oct. 17. The classes at GTL tend to fill very quickly so call NOW!! Dede Warren is the contact for classes at 714-757-0558.

Piecemakers is letting me have a 3 hour "makeup"studio class for all those students who couldn't finish their projects in my classes, Dec.6, 10a-1p and it's only $20! I will also be having a trunk show and demo Dec.5 there too, 10-3p! We will be having for the first time a Altered Art Bottle class (pic above) Dec. 13, again at Piecemakers, 10-2:30, $45 (some supplies included). You can come to class and learn how to make everyone a holiday gift in 4 hours!!!! Think of all the money you can save by not going to the mall...

The Bohemian Chic Purse class is coming soon, Piecemakers in Costa Mesa, with seats still available and the Ethnic Eclectic Tassel is Sept. 12. Call 714-641-3112 to reserve your seat at either class. For visuals see my class blog on the side bar. My monthly stamp club has morphed to include journaling and it's still the last Tuesday of every month, 11a-1p.

Whew!! If this is too much information, email me for specs. Some of this is still being processed and not listed on the store sites YET, but you can still call them or email me :

Heres a condensed view:

Piecemakers, Costa Mesa CA:
Aug.25, Journaling and Stamp Club~ 11a-1p
Aug.29, Bohemian Chic and Shisha mirror embroidery~10-3:30p
Sept.12, Ethnic Eclectic Tassel~10-4:30p
Sept.29, Journaling and Stamp Club-11a-1p
Oct. 27, Journaling and Stamp Club-11a-1p
Nov.1, Mermaids Cuff~11-3p
Nov. 14, Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms~10-4p
Nov.17, Journaling and Stamp Club_11-1p
Dec.5, Demo and Trunk show-10-3p
Dec.6, Open Studio make up class~10-1p
Dec. 13, Altered Art Bottles~10-2:30p

Gilding the Lily, Fullerton CA
Oct. 17, Baby Doll Necklace, Circa 1860~ 11a-4p
Nov. 7, Mermaids Cuff~11-3p

Allen Kenoyer Stained Glass Redondo Beach,CA
Sept. 27, Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms~10-5p

Lauries Studio in Woodland Hills,CA
Oct. 3, Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms~10-5p

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soldering class this Sunday

I am teaching my Treasure necklace and soldered glass charms class at Piecemakers, 1720 Adams Ave.,Costa Mesa, Sunday Aug.17. Call 714-641-3112 to reserve your seat. If you don't have enough supplies we can work something out. Above is another altered bottle. Will be for sale soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rosary Class and Updates

I have listed two more bottle art dolls on my Etsy and more Frozen Charlottes. This Saturday (Aug.8) I will be having a demo and trunk show at Piecemakers in Costa Mesa to promote my classes. I'm working a henna party on Sunday and teaching a rosary class Monday night!!! Plus my family wants me to come to San Diego and go camping this week! I need a clone!

I met with Andy yesterday at Handmade Galleries in Sherman Oaks Ca. and it looks like it's a go. Great gal and store. I should be teaching there this fall and will probably rent a booth space to sell my wares. As most mommies know trying to keep up the domestic duties, work and make things to sell is quite a balancing act and it makes me a little nervous to commit on a consistent basis but then on the other hand having a commitment, goal or deadline more often then not opens new techniques and ideas. Wish me luck!

Lastly, I have been asked to teach a rosary class. We have 3 seats left. The Here are the details:

Location: Topanga Canyon (contact me for addie)
Date: Monday night, Aug.10
Time: 6-9ish
Fee: $40
Level: Beginning
Kits are available for $20


The beauty of a rosary has no boundaries. It can be simple and practical or over the top gorgeous! So much so that you will want to wear it. Catholic or not the techniques you will learn in this class will serve as a stepping stone for other rosaries and jewelry as I guide you into making the perfect links and jump rings. The following is a list of supplies and resources you will need.

Beads or crystals with holes big enough to fit through your wire

Cross and connector

3-5 feet of 20 or 22 gauge wire. Either of these gauges should fit through your bead. Any gauge higher than 22 is too weak. Do not buy craft wire or wire purchased from a craft store. It will break eventually and I won’t be able to show you proper jewelry construction. My suggestions are sterling silver round half hard (not fine silver), gold-fill round half hard, brass, copper or bronze. Please make sure you get half hard if you choose sterling or gold. I will explain why in class.

Most wire can be purchased through Sometimes your local bead store will have sterling or gold. Copper and brass can usually be found at your local hardware store in the plumbing section (I love my Ace Hardware). Bronze wire can be purchased through

Pliers: small or baby round nose, flush wire cutters, chain nose. Optional: flat nose and large round nose. Some words of wisdom about pliers. Do not bring tools from your dad or husbands tool box and no pliers with teeth. We are making jewelry (so to speak). Bring jewelry pliers. My pliers of choice are made in Sweden from Lindstrom. Swanstrom is good as well. If you plan on making lots of rosaries or jewelry, invest in good tools. Resource:

Optional supplies: bead caps (double the amount if you will use with each bead), spacer beads.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.