Monday, August 17, 2009

New Fall/Winter Classes!!!

I have successfully added two new locations for the Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms (see pics on my class blog, side bar). One in Sherman Oaks and the other in Redondo Beach/Lawndale. Several people have wanted me to teach in the valley (San Fernando valley). Well on Oct. 3 a friend of mine, Laurie, is opening her home in Woodland Hills Ca. We need 6 paid students minimum to hold the class. So far we have 4 interested (including her) so if you live in the valley and have been wanting to take that class, call or email me. It's an all day class and cost is $60. The other class will be at my stained glass store in the S.Bay/Redondo Beach area, Sunday Sept. 27 at Allen Kenoyer Glass, 4571 Artesia Blvd Lawndale, 310-379-4211. It's not on their web page YET, but you can still call to rsvp. It will also be held at Peicemakers Nov.14.

The picture above of my Mermaids Cuff will be taught at Piecmakers, Nov.1 and Gilding the Lily November 7. The necklace with the doll is called "Baby Doll Necklace~Circa 1860" and is currently only being taught at Gilding the Lily, Saturday Oct. 17. The classes at GTL tend to fill very quickly so call NOW!! Dede Warren is the contact for classes at 714-757-0558.

Piecemakers is letting me have a 3 hour "makeup"studio class for all those students who couldn't finish their projects in my classes, Dec.6, 10a-1p and it's only $20! I will also be having a trunk show and demo Dec.5 there too, 10-3p! We will be having for the first time a Altered Art Bottle class (pic above) Dec. 13, again at Piecemakers, 10-2:30, $45 (some supplies included). You can come to class and learn how to make everyone a holiday gift in 4 hours!!!! Think of all the money you can save by not going to the mall...

The Bohemian Chic Purse class is coming soon, Piecemakers in Costa Mesa, with seats still available and the Ethnic Eclectic Tassel is Sept. 12. Call 714-641-3112 to reserve your seat at either class. For visuals see my class blog on the side bar. My monthly stamp club has morphed to include journaling and it's still the last Tuesday of every month, 11a-1p.

Whew!! If this is too much information, email me for specs. Some of this is still being processed and not listed on the store sites YET, but you can still call them or email me :

Heres a condensed view:

Piecemakers, Costa Mesa CA:
Aug.25, Journaling and Stamp Club~ 11a-1p
Aug.29, Bohemian Chic and Shisha mirror embroidery~10-3:30p
Sept.12, Ethnic Eclectic Tassel~10-4:30p
Sept.29, Journaling and Stamp Club-11a-1p
Oct. 27, Journaling and Stamp Club-11a-1p
Nov.1, Mermaids Cuff~11-3p
Nov. 14, Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms~10-4p
Nov.17, Journaling and Stamp Club_11-1p
Dec.5, Demo and Trunk show-10-3p
Dec.6, Open Studio make up class~10-1p
Dec. 13, Altered Art Bottles~10-2:30p

Gilding the Lily, Fullerton CA
Oct. 17, Baby Doll Necklace, Circa 1860~ 11a-4p
Nov. 7, Mermaids Cuff~11-3p

Allen Kenoyer Stained Glass Redondo Beach,CA
Sept. 27, Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms~10-5p

Lauries Studio in Woodland Hills,CA
Oct. 3, Treasure Necklace and Soldered Glass Charms~10-5p


Kathy said...

I love that first doll!!! Sigh - if only I wasn't in Houston at the Quilt Festival I might travel back from Vegas for that one!!! Hope you do it again.


lilibulle said...

magnifique!! so vintage, so chic, so beautiful!! i love all!! it's amazing!!

Narrative jewelry said...

Bracelet, bottle, necklace, and the links, OMG... Everything is just gorgeous, love all of them.

lilibulle said...

robin!! me again!! LOL!! your music is so nice too..
PS: a surprise for you on my blog.. hope you will enjoy!!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

You are my kind of girl. This blog is gorgeous, all of this is my taste too!

rivergardenstudio said...

These pieces are so unique and lovely... you sound so busy! Roxanne

Rose said...

Hi Robin! You have a great site! Love your stuff. Thanks for your sweet post on my site. I'm in the South Bay, too, so I'm gonna have to try and make one of your classes ;)

BellaRosa said...

I was so excited when after reading your comment, I cliked on your name to post a thank you on your blog...and then I come to find you teach classes stars that is the best news..I have wanted to take learn new things but all the blogs that I love to visit and offer classes seem to be in other states or so far away :)I grew up in the So. Bay and Lawndale specifically...I was you teach beginning soddering (sp?) too? I so want to learn..then I can take other more advance classes. Thank you for sweet comment on my blog..hope to hear from you..Rose

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Robin, are the first & second photos in this post ... the Mermaid Cuff ??? I LOVE IT ... I am a bracelet fiend, and it's just gorgeous. :-) I live in San Diego county, but for that class, would drive north for sure. And by the way - how did you come across MY blog (I Am Princess Magpie) ??? LOVE your work ...
-- Davielle

Anonymous said...

Robin - loved the solder workshop on Sat (10/3)... thanks, learned alot of great info and made some fun stuff!