Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today is Sunday.  I relaxed. I leisurely caught up on some email stuff and proposals, visited some blogs and left thoughtful posts, spent time just "being" here in my home with my family, not doing anything with a purpose.   I intended to clean up , and I did, but it wasn't as much as I'd like.  I guess the dust can wait.  As I was shooting pictures of some of my new treasure necklaces I was thinking about what I would write on this post.  I was also thinking about how diverse  blogs are in general.  Have you ever clicked  "next blog" on your dashboard?  It's located (usually) on the top of your blog.  Try never know what or who you might run into.  And for the blogs where you leave a post but never hear a reply....what's up with that?  I understand that I can't always expect a reply from all blogs but after having left a couple comments over a few months and still nothing....It only takes two seconds to leave a comment and it means so much.  Hopefully I'm not the only one out there that has this happen.  But then there are the loyal bloggers who leave comments all the time and I love them for it!   There are blogs that read like a good novel and suck you in with their story telling, deep thoughts and profound vocabulary.  After I visit those blogs my blog seems so shallow but then I get over it.  I know I'm not shallow, just a little private about my thoughts.  And between me and you I very rarely read the whole post on those blogs.  Mostly because of lack of time.    I'm very public with visuals and that's more what I look for in other blogs and strive for in mine.  Letting you see what I have made makes me and all the other creative types who share their work vulnerable in other ways but I'm willing to take the risk.  I recently found a food blog and loved it!  Never thought I'd say that.  Check it

I am grateful and make it my intention to say so everyday.  One of the many things I am grateful for are the students that come to my classes and the establishments that let me teach.   I had a great class yesterday at Piecemakers.  Here are some fuzzy pictures of the students.  Let's see there was Dana, Irene (she owns the Garden of Beadin' store), Andrea all from the Upland area and on the left  Stephanie, her mom Janae, Carol and Liz (from San Diego area).  Great students and talented in their own right.  Thanks to you all!

These pictures of my new necklace creations were fun to make and the photos I took were experiments with lighting and effects.  One of them relates to the pile "o" pink post below.  I like the way it came out.  For those of you who make dolls you might relate to the next few sentences.  I generally start projects with a theme or color scheme in mind and usually it takes on a life of its own from there.  This is really true with the treasure necklaces and the altered art bottles.... a life of their own I mean.  That's why I bring up doll making.....and you doll makers  know what I'm talking about.....or should I say what "their" talking about.   That voice and personality  that takes over your project and channels life into it.  That's all I'm saying....zipping my mouth and throwing out the key now!       Check out my Etsy tonight or tomarrow.   They'll be for sale.


Denise said...

I must confess, sometimes I go to blogs and I do not stay long enough to leave a comment.... sooooooo I have repented and vow not to do that anymore....... I think I leave a comment here most of the time.. Love all your pretties and so enjoy looking at what others make.. I am a primitive fan and have started making my own prim dolls and stitcheries........ I am retiring from my business and going to do the primitive full time.... I look forward to sharing with all the bloggers.

Have a blessed week...

Debbi said...

Dear Robin, I was kind of making a mental list of my favorites as I scrolled through your photos, which are wonderful, by the way. Anyway, finally, the list became too long to recall, and I decided that was really a compliment to your wision and your work, and should be passed along! . . . Isn't it fun? You never make the same charm twice . . . Every one is an original artwork. Beautiful. Positivly beautiful. ~ Debbi

Riki Schumacher said...

Ah yes, the wild world of blogging and the feedback! it is interesting, huh? This is a great post, I love the way you opened up. I never know if I'm writing too much or too little!! We often feel that if people don't leave comments, they didn't like it, but I'm guessing that's not always true. Love your new pieces. I am going to finish my bracelet and post it!!

Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

I follow so many wonderful blogs, that I just don't have time to leave a comment on every single one. But I will try to mix it up a bit.
Love your work!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

fabulous pieces - and I'm completely enamored with the frozen charlotte vial!!! - fab!

I always try to leave comments where ever I visit - I mean, can you imagine me not yammering about something?!

gypsylulu said... very many Pretties, Robin! I love them all!...
sure wish i was closer i could take your classes!
Love your post today..Sundays are nice.
I am getting nice compliments on my Charlotte vial necklace...
i still thank you for the help!
Your work is always lovely!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Beautiful work Robin . . . but then I'm a big fan of ALL of what you create *smiles*

Steph said...

Love the new necklaces, you've been busy!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Robin:
I think of you often.
I agree with you on posting comments; it just is so easy and makes the blogger feel special.
In fact there is a restaurant (I think the name is Mokasha) in Canoga Park on De Soto and since they have belly dancers i automatically think of you!!!
You always create beauty; in all forms
Happy Thanksgiving