Saturday, January 3, 2009


I don't have the pictures loaded yet (before and after of studio) but I thought before it's Dec.2009 I should make myself accountable and write down the resolutions:

1. CLEAN MY STUDIO!! Do a little everyday (or a lot if time allows) and have it completely organized by June 2009. (Yes it's that bad!!!!)
2.See life and everything that happens in a magical way. Create a magical existence and magical things will happen. (they already are)!
3.Exercise everyday even if it's walking to the post office. preferably 30-60 minutes
4.Watch my food proportions!!
5.Start the process of writing a book!!!

okay that's enough...don't want to over do it.

Today was magical!!! I went to the annual teachers luncheon that Piecemakers puts on for us and met the coolest artists/teachers. The place was buzzing with over 40 talented teachers doing demos and make/takes for the upcoming classes. The famous doll maker Patti Medaris Culea sat right across from me at lunch. I felt an instant connection with her and told her how much I love her work.....apparently she likes mine too! She has an AWESOME new book out called Creative Cloth Explorations. Go HERE to check it out. Of course I had to have her sign it!! In her book are some guest artists one of which happened to be at Piecemakers too. Her name is Cyndi Mahlstadt and she will be teaching a few of her whymsical and fantastic art dolls and chairs there. Go HERE or HERE to see.

Any way I am a little pooped. Gotta go put a couple things away in my studio....


Stampmaiden said...

Robin, I just happened upon your blog via Reva's. I absolutely love your jewelry. You ARE an artist! Good luck with your resolutions and hey, I think belly dancing qualifies as exercise, doesn't it? LOL!
I'll be back to visit more often and I'm putting your site up on my blog to make sure of it!
Happy New Year...

TattingChic said...

I have a similar resolution about the cleaning and organizing, only it's about my HOME! LOL!

Mary lin Huskamp said...

BEST Wishes for a great New Year!!!
See you soon.

Margaret said...

Happy New Year Robin!! good luck with your resolutions!

What a treat to meet Patti! I bought her book years ago and exchanged a couple of really nice emails

I love the jewellery in your latest posts, you are one talented gal!