Thursday, December 11, 2008

What up?


I am a dork. I don't say what up.

So, my very busy life is busier this week. I have volunteered more the past few months than I have in my whole life. I like it, but it's kinda stressful when you have a few businesses to take care of and a family and, and blah,blah,blah.

My daughters school is the best (she's in 4th grade). It never ceases to amaze me how many parents get involved with this school. There are a little over 500 kids and the PTA membership is close to 400!!! I know!!!! I think it has a lot to do with our amazing principal, Mr. Yepez and constant weekly communication through a newsletter . When I was a kid I longed for my mom to belong to the PTA and be apart of the Girl Scouts of America and all that, but she avoided it like the plague, and now as a mom I did too for a little while but then guilt sets in and you say "well maybe that committee, but nothing more..." and what happens as some of you may know is that you get asked to help here, or attend this meeting or that and before you know it you're apart of the Harper Valley PTA. It's actually very nice though, despite me having anxiety attacks because of all the other stuff I have to do. The project I am involved in now is pretty heart warming. Our school has put together a tree planting project so the school can have more trees. The non profit Tree People will match a portion of what we can raise through coin drives, contributions etc. and I am in charge of making a mural dedicating the names of these generous souls. The mural is breaking my back (it's pretty big...7'x6?) on the side walk. I will post pics when it's done. There has been unexpected excitment around the painting that I had not anticipated. I was working on it today in a taped off coccoon of yellow tape and highway cones. The school bell rang...all the parents were there to pick up their kids (this is buses here) surrounding the cocoon....questions being asked...what am I making?... why?.....are you an artist?....compliments...."we're going to be famous"some kids were saying...."lets google map it" .... Felt a little embarrassed.. Kinda naked. Too much attention makes me a little nervous. My daughter loves the fact that I'm the "artist mom". Kinda feels good however I don't like to use that label too liberally. Not sure if I quality quite yet.

More things....finished a commissioned necklace and matching earrings for a belly dancer and flowers for her hair. If you've never belly danced, you should try get to where really gaudy, glittery stuff. Loaded more to the Etsy store. Started my M.Antionette Holiday mantel all because of Maija Lepore...I won her M.Antoinette giveaway. My manequin (Josephine) will be dressed soon. She was a street walker (keeping this g-rated) for Halloween but is changing to the more refined M.Antoinette for the x-mas holidays. Stay tuned!


Breathing Beside Us said...

Everything is so beautiful!

Recycled Rita said...

Love it all! Can't wait to see the mural and the mannequin! hugs! karen....

TattingChic said...

Pretty mantle! I love the Eiffel tower! I look forward to more! :)

Maija said...

So feminine and lovely!!!
I've wrapped up my earrings you made to give to myself for Christmas! It's killing me not to look and touch them! I have to visit the blog photo!