Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We have an annual Halloween party for all the kids and here are some pics. The lady in the pink wig graces us with her presence every year to read spooky stories or tell fortunes. She is Mdm Lazanga and is quite a character. I built a bat cave in our porch with all the brown paper packaging I saved for months from SU! boxes and spray painted it black then taped it all over the walls. It looked pretty cool. Skull pizza, mummy dogs and other spooky treats lined the tables for the little munchkins to scarf. It's a lot of work but fun. My daughter will be 10 next year so I have to take advantage of these precious moments.

I also have to say I am SO happy that Barack Obama is our president! My husband and I were crying all night in betweeen listening to the radio and tv. My daughter was looking at us like we we were crazy. I am So relieved....


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