Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ETSY-New Items in my store

I haven't had anything in my store since last year! Time flies. Click here to take a peek: shades of akasha
There are some spooky Halloween cards (The old bag series), some tassel kits, mixed media kits and my bird collages (old bag series) . All of them are great additions for altered art, books, journals or on their own. I will be adding more things later like some jewelry. Everything is priced so you can have an un-guilty splurge. Considering how the economy is we all need that when money is tight. I remember when I moved out on my own money was almost non-existent and yet what little money I did have I always managed to "give" myself little decadent treats once or twice a month. What I considered a treat might not be a treat to others... Now don't laugh but mine was a trip to the local drug store like Longs (on my bike as I didn't have a car) so I could treat myself to finger nail polish! I had all kinds of colors and it was just what I needed to make myself feel good, give me that little boost of happiness and glamour. And if I had a little extra cash I could buy Loreal! 5 bucks (I think) THAT was a splurge. Now I like to splurge on jewelry supplies...which costs a little more than 5 bucks.

My stamp camp "soiree" went very well. It was a little bitter sweet however as there were some things missing after the party. I don't know if I threw them out or if they were missed placed. Loosing things of value (money) can put a damper on any good feeling. I am ever optimistic though. Hey, for all I know the fairys came and took it!



Recycled Rita said...

If it was fairies, they were evil fairies!!!
Sorry but I had to say it!
Your etsy looks wonderful darling! And the Soiree was wonderful!
hugs! karen....

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

Those tags, and all your Halloween goodies look super! Great work!

Tomatolover said...

I so enjoyed myself and so did my daughter.

I'm so sorry that things are missing. Hope they showed back up.

Maija said...

Very disappointing to lose things of value! Can you tell I'm playing blog catch up???