Sunday, February 10, 2008

Treat Yourself to an Art Retreat!

I found out about art retreats while discovering the rubber stamp world. It was probably about 9 or 10 years ago, when my girl was a wee pup still nursing that I ran out while she was napping (yes you nursing mommies can relate...and yes my husband was home to watch her) to get my fix of rubber stamps at the local rubber stamp convention in Carson,CA (The Original). While I was furiously wandering to hurry and buy some stamps and then rush home to my baby, I spied a vendor that had tons of mostly women surrounding it. When I got a chance to wade through the 9 deep swell of sweaty bodies surrounding the tables to see what the fuss was about I knew why no one wanted to give up their sacred spot until they got their fill! The vendors were the husband and wife team of Teesha and Tracy Moore and they created a new wave of possibilities that moved from the elementary form of rubber stamp art to the out of the box-just what we needed graduate style of rubber stamp art. They had the most original, cutting edge altered, some what macabre style that our collective subconscious had been waiting to witness. In my world, that was the moment of enlightenment when I began to look at things a little differently and I believe that might be the case for lots of other mixed media, altered art type individuals, even though we probably didn't call ourselves that at the time. I think Teesha and Tracy started a whole new revolution in the rubber stamp world that branched out into the art of journaling, "altered art" and mixing different mediums. Nothing is ever new, really, however it sometimes takes the right people at the right time to re-emerge in new forms in other centuries or decades and populations and is either recognized or not depending on what people need in their life, sometimes on a collective level. T & T also started a wave of art retreats teaching their art and inviting other teachers to do the same that offered new perspectives on traditional art forms. This attracted the most innovative, creative, out of the box instructors willing to make and teach art from a whole new outlook to those of us craving the odd and unconventional. Along with this wave came others wanting to start their own mixed media/altered art retreats and so we are at a point now, 10 years later, where at any given time during the year, you can go to a variety of art retreats and become an artist for a few days and mingle and emerse with others in the artistic frame of mind.

I am fortunate to be a small part of some prominent art retreats that I would like to invite you to. For the past two years I have taught at Teesha Moores ArtFiberFEst in Port Townsend,WA (and hoping to come back again this year) and Art Unraveled in Phoenix ARizona. The photos above are for two classes I will be teaching in Arizona, first week of Aug.2008. Wire shaping 101 and Ethnic Eclectic Tassel. Registration starts Feb.15th, 2008 and to check out my classes along with all the other fun classes go to For Teesha and Tracy Moores incredible offerings, go to

If it's your first time, don't be intimidated. Most people I meet at these gatherings are so excited and willing to help in any way they can wether it be their first or 10th time and they are giddy with excitement just to meet other crazy artistic creative people. If money is a factor, save 10 or 20 bucks a week and by the time you sign up you'll have a little stash of art money!

f you can't take the leap to travel too far away from home, there are some great places that offer mini art retreats in your own back yard, even if for a couple of hours. Scrapbook, bead,rubber stamp, paper or quilting shops usually have great workshops, sometimes with well know artists. I recently stumbled upon a fantastic store in Costa Mesa, Ca ( that is a beacon of creativity and I am so happy to be teaching there. Although they are considered a quilt store, they have so much more and are very open to all forms of artistic expressions offering the most unusual classes with the highest quality instruction. Check them out if you live remotely near, for my classes as well as all the rest. FYI my website has current updates to my schedual at

I truly love to teach those wanting to learn and open to new ideas and hope to meet you some day in one of my classes!


Latharia said...

Oh, boy that sounds like so much fun! I remember going to rubberstamp conventions in '95 and '96 ... just an overwhelming array of artistry & new techniques! :D

rscoach said...

Hi Robin - love your site and your blog - your story is very similar to mine in getting into this amazing art world - except mine is more recent - November 2007 was one year since I took my first classes @ Sweetpeas & Snapshots - one with an old client - Talented artist Norman Dixon - and then my first Kelly Kilmer class - I found a world where I belonged and it changed my life - heard about Art Unraveled and without knowing anyone, I attended for 3 days - I agree with you - it doesn't matter your experience or if you know anyone - it was a warm, inclusive and exciting event - when I got home I started my "Art Unraveled" savings and this year I am able to attend for the whole week! I also now teach workshops in Los Angeles - combining my creative life coaching with creating journals - I love it! I have also created two blogs - one more coaching - and the other for my art and my workshops - - oh, and this year I plan to take your tassle class - can't wait - look forward to learning from you ! Reva (Los Angeles)

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